Waterlogged scenes like are common in Florida, which has led many to ask why the elderly were left behind to battle it in a nursing home.

Waterlogged scenes like are common in Florida after Irma, which has led many to ask why the elderly were left behind to battle it in a nursing home.

As the death toll numbers from Hurricane Irma trickle in, we are seeing that more people seem to be dying in the aftermath of the mighty storm than they did during the storm. The Conservative Daily Post published only today the story of three who died when their generator poisoned them long after Irma had departed and now we have six more lives lost even as things have calmed down.

Yesterday, over 115 people who should have already been moved before the storm even hit were evacuated from a nursing home on Wednesday after six people were reported dead, Fox News confirms. Why have so many elderly been left behind in Irma and Harvey?

The cause of death was “intense heat” after the vengeful hurricane destroyed power generation. The heat was only typical Florida weather (just 86 degrees), which is why these residents of Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills should have been moved before the first raindrop fell.

We’re conducting a criminal investigation inside,” said Hollywood Police Chief Tom Sanchez. “We believe at this time they may be related to the loss of power in the storm. We’re conducting a criminal investigation, not ruling anything out at this time.”


That, however, is where the lawman is quite wrong. The cause of death was negligence, which is what you call it when you leave the infirmed in the path of a hurricane!

Sanchez calls the affair a “sad event” and WSVN News has confirmed that the nursing home had a generator that, for reasons unknown, was not on. Perhaps if they had not relied on a generator and moved the patients, six of them would still be alive.

The police got the call about 4 a.m. and found “several patients in varying degrees of medical distress.”


One caseworker known only as “Ed” has said that an 80-year-old dementia patient may have been one of those who were left to die, “I’m very concerned. I’m like a family member to her,” said the man.

This officer saved nursing home -patients who were in "respiratory distress."

This officer saved nursing home patients who were in “respiratory distress.”

This is why people don’t trust nursing homes and rehabilitation centers. It is also why a growing number of people distrust the authorities, too.

If they can’t even think to move the weakest among us out of the way of a massive hurricane, how can we really trust their judgement at all?

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