Florida Man Challenge

PUBLISHED: 4:48 PM 22 Mar 2019

‘Florida Man’ Challenge Goes Viral With Hilarious Results

To participate, all a person needs to do is have access to a browser.

This harmless internet challenge quickly spread.

The latest internet challenge is going viral for its hilarious results.

The ‘Florida Man’ viral sensation is taking over social media mostly because it’s incredibly easy to do and produces a humorous, sometimes unbelievable outcome.

Basically, the challenge asks “What’s your Florida man story?”

To participate, all a person needs to do is search “Florida man” followed by the month and day of your birthday.

The challenge originated when a Tumbler post last week asked the Florida man question.

The first story that is listed on the results page is your ‘Florida Man’ story.

The reason for the challenge is not known, but it could have been birthed by a person who noticed a weird number of truly weird news stories about Florida men.

In addition to Florida man who carried around an alligator while picking ‘magic mushrooms’ and monkeys taking over people’s property, there are some truly insane, and funny stories out there.

Some of the top Florida man stories on CBS Miami include:

And, there are plenty more.

This reporter did her ‘Florida Man’ story and found:

“Florida Man Sentenced To Prison For Illegal Diet Pill Scheme”

Not the best for hilarity, but the story has some redeeming qualities.

John Wesley Hoag was sentenced to fifty months in federal prison for his scheme to sell illegal and mislabeled diet pills to victims throughout the United States, and was also ordered to pay a fine of $7,500 and to forfeit all property traceable to the gross proceeds of the scheme, including but not limited to $679,116.33.

There was also this one:

Florida Man Drives His Golf Cart to Kill Chickens With Homemade Bomb (Over a BB Gun Dispute)

And, the search isn’t limited to Florida ‘man,’ there are plenty of Florida woman stores out there too, including:

Florida Maid of Honor Guzzles Liquor, Tries to Steal Best Man’s Car, Assaults Two Medics, and Flashes the Police…