Self-Defense Laws Attacked

PUBLISHED: 8:57 PM 7 Aug 2018

Florida Liberals Try To Play G.O.P. Votes Against Them

These laws have worked to save innocent lives from being lost.

Secretary of State Ken Detzner (pictured) has a very important straw poll to conduct in his future regarding Florida Stand Your Ground laws.

One of the only things that protect a person from being harmed in Florida is what is known as “Stand Your Ground laws.” When a thug jumped George Zimmerman and started bashing his head into the pavement, these laws protected him, for example. Now, Spectrum News 13 has reported that democrats in the state “have triggered an official state poll of the 160 members of the Florida Legislature on whether a special session should be held on the issue.”

Seeing some action like this is giving them hope, and they will ride it all the way to the polls and they will use it to recruit and try to get people out during this midterm,” stated Florida policy consultant Trimmel Gomes. He is said to be hoping that the G.O.P.’s likely refusal to budge on the matter will harm them in the long term. Secretary of State Ken Detzner must now conduct the poll with those pushing for it expressing an apparent desire for it to be a straw poll, or based on public opinion.

It takes two out of three House and Senate memberships to “vote in favor of a stand your ground special session,” and it shall be called to order.

The G.O.P. is, thankfully, reluctant to shoot Stand Your Ground down, even though Florida resident Marquis McGlockton was recently shot by someone providing that very law in their defense.

Some liberals and others are claiming that the laws are used to just shoot people without proving that the threat was real. “Our citizens in the state of Florida, who are faced with the circumstance where they have to defend themselves, don’t have to prove that they were defending themselves,” claimed Sen. Greg Steube (R-FL).

Democrats appear to be hoping that if the republicans don’t succumb to their demands, such can be used to garner democratic voters to the cause during the next election cycle.

Now, just how is that going to work?

There are just not enough people who want to walk around unarmed to be sitting ducks like in Chicago, where 30 people were slaughtered in only three hours, as WGN TV has shown.

Gun laws are quite restrictive in the Windy City, and the results are as clear to see as the headstones that are in their wake.

Democrats are apparently failing to see this and are counting on the G.O.P. to help them win, due to some supposed outrage.

Thankfully, despite their attempts, the second amendment and current state law still ensures the right to bear arms and defend one’s self.