Dem Targets NRA

PUBLISHED: 3:49 PM 25 Jul 2018
UPDATED: 11:18 PM 25 Jul 2018

Florida Leftist Takes Aim At Civil Rights Organization

A leftist candidate for governor in the state of Florida made the mistake of taking aim at the NRA, and it is likely he will pay dearly in the upcoming election.

A leftist gubernatorial candidate in Florida took aim at the NRA, hoping that he would be able to gain some votes because of it. However, it seems like he may be struggling for relevance in the Florida race.

To say that the political left in the United States is the party of gun control and vicious anti-gun rhetoric seems to be an understatement at this point. However, as the 2018 midterm elections come closer, it is shocking to see how far they are willing to go in order to push their ideals on the people of the United States.

A Democrat gubernatorial candidate claimed in a new mailer to ‘constituents’ that the National Rifle Association was “turning” the children of Florida into targets.” Jeff Greene’s leftist mailer has managed to cause mass outrage among firearm owners in the state, and his ‘AR Practice’ targets of children were obviously not well received.

Jeff Greene, a Florida billionaire ‘real estate entrepreneur’ who ran for a U.S. Senate seat in Florida in 2010, decided to attack the National Rifle Association, and by extension gun rights, with a mailer, he sent out.

The mailer shows a picture of children mocked up as targets for a range, which are labeled ‘AR Practice’ and have the logo of the NRA on them.

The mailer declares that “as a father,” Greene won’t let the NRA turn the children of Florida into targets.

He also said that the kids in public schools should be worried about grades, not about being shot, and that he shouldn’t have to worry about his kids when they’re at school.

His mailer even promises that he won’t take the “blood money” of the civil rights organization, a promise that he will likely be able to keep with little difficulty as they aren’t going to offer him any.

Marion Hammer, a former president of one of the oldest civil rights organizations in the country and currently the leader of their lobbying efforts in Florida, said that the mailer was, in her words, “repulsive.”

Hammer pointed out that as a mother, grandmother, and a “proud NRA member for decades,” she thinks that he has reached the very bottom of the barrel and is simply looking to say something, anything, to get attention and to try to remain relevant in the race.

However, he’s not the only one on the left that has been, or is, running on a gun control agenda.

Many think that such an agenda will fly in Florida, due to what happened in the last year.

The shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School kicked off a number of anti-gun groups, and also brought to public view a group of student ‘activists’ from the school like David Hogg, who knew very little about firearm laws but certainly had strong opinions about them.

However, Greene’s claims, and his mailer, showcase a failure to understand what, exactly, the lessons from Marjory Stoneman Douglas were.

The shooting didn’t happen because firearms are legal. In fact, 330 million Americans own as many as 500 to 700 million firearms, and most are not use in crime, let alone violent crimes, in any given year.

The shooting happened because a group of government employees, both local, county, state, and federal, came together in a perfect storm of incompetence.

Local police and the Broward County Sheriff’s Department refused to act on dozens of calls to the shooter’s home.

The federal government investigated him at least once, and closed that investigation without doing anything.

The local school, eager to meet Barack Obama and the Department of Education’s goal of ‘breaking the public school to prison pipeline,’ was actively attempting to find ‘other’ methods of penalizing students for otherwise criminal behavior committed on school grounds.

Of course, the local law enforcement officials in the Broward County Sheriff’s Office failed once again when the shooting actually occurred. The Sheriff’s Deputy who had been acting as a ‘School Resource Officer,’ rather than engaging the shooter, went outside and hid for twenty minutes while the shooting took place.

Meanwhile, Broward County deputies who arrived on the scene, rather than take on the shooter, decided that they were better off cordoning off the area and forming a perimeter.

In fact, the shooter at Parkland, Florida, was able to act as he desired until two officers from a neighboring city, both SWAT officers, responded.

It’s absurd, and frankly dishonest, that people like Greene and other Democrats would use the myriad failings of government agencies meant to keep people safe as some sort of excuse for disarming them.

Luckily, given Greene’s election background in the state, it doesn’t seem like he represents a real threat to the right to keep and bear arms. Though he may be in the ‘top tier’ of candidates, the others who are seeking the Democrat nod have longer, and generally more impressive, histories.

Still, Greene’s assault on the NRA should serve as a reminder that American citizens cannot trust Democrats with their right to keep and bear arms.