COVID Restrictions Removed

PUBLISHED: 6:28 PM 28 Sep 2020

Florida Gov. Steps Up! No Masks, All Restrictions Removed As State Open For Business

Finally! Someone has had enough of the lies about COVID and is doing something.

Whoa! (Source: WPTV YouTube Screenshot)

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has issued an executive order removing all state COVID restrictions, including mask mandates.

The order reopens the state, all restaurants and businesses.

Included in the order:

No COVID ordinance may forbid or impede any business from operating.

No COVID ordinance may forbid restaurants to operate below 50% capacity. Any local ordinances against these operational thresholds are nullified.

No local mask ordinances shall carry any weight of enforcement.

No COVID Fines or Penalties may be applied toward any individual or business operating in the State of Florida.

(executive order)