Jailed Over Quarantine

PUBLISHED: 6:47 PM 31 Jul 2020

Florida Couple Jailed For ‘Breaking’ Mandatory House Quarantine

As criminals are being released from jails because of the risk of COVID infection, these citizens were sent to jail for violating a ‘quarantine’ order.

Wrong. (Source: Teri Gower YouTube Screenshot)

Apparently, COVID has become the method that can be used to remove every right of an individual in this country. Many people wonder how long it will be before, God forbid, people who refuse to take a government forced vaccine will be ordered to stay home in “quarantine.”

For now, one Florida couple has been jailed for their refusal to stay at home.

The New York Post reported:

A Florida couple was jailed for allegedly breaking a mandatory quarantine order after they tested positive for the coronavirus, local officials said Thursday.

Jose Antonio Freire Interian, 24, and Yohana Anahi Gonzalez, 27, were arrested Wednesday evening at their Key West apartment and taken to the Stock Island Detention Center, authorities said.

The Florida Department of Health in Monroe County had issued an isolation order on July 21 to the pair, instructing them to stay at home for 14 days and wear masks around others, The Miami Herald reported.

But neighbors complained that the carefree couple had been breaking the rules.

Freire was spotted walking his dog, making trips to the grocery store and washing his car, according to a police report. Both had been seen leaving and returning home without face coverings.

The property manager at their apartment complex reported them to Key West police, and handed over surveillance footage of the pair from a camera located in a common room, the Herald reported.

“An officer took the video to the judge and the judge signed the warrant,” Key West City Manager Greg Veliz told the newspaper.

The couple was charged with violating the state law that requires isolation or quarantine in a public health emergency and violating emergency management.

Both are second-degree misdemeanors, punishable by up to 60 days in jail.

Freire and Gonzalez were released from jail Thursday morning after posting $1,000 bond each.

During their stint behind bars, the couple was kept isolated from the other inmates in “negative pressure” rooms where the air is not recirculated into other areas of the jail, Monroe County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Adam Linhardt said.

“The whole idea is to keep them apart from the general population,” Linhardt said. “We’ve had people in those rooms before we’ve suspected of having it. If they show symptoms, that’s where people are quarantined.”