Results Of Migration

PUBLISHED: 6:55 PM 13 Jul 2018

Flatworms Infect The Bodies Of Those In The West As Migration Grows

The females lay hundreds of thousands of eggs each day inside of people.

A terrible part of everyday life and elsewhere may be about to overtake much of the West.

Vetting those entering the United States (and elsewhere) is not only a matter of making sure migrants are not a threat. Health screenings are done to ensure that public health dangers like Schistosomiasis, a deadly and gross infection caused by a parasite, aren’t unleashed on the healthy population. As the Tea Party (dot org) has revealed, this threat is very real and the facts surrounding it are very disturbing.

Karl Hoffman, a professor of parasitology at Aberystwyth University informed the Independent that in Africa, Asia, and South America, such infections are far from uncommon, but in developed nations, they are now on the rise. Unfettered migration has created a rising epidemic of a foul creature that lays “hundreds to thousands of eggs, produced daily by each female worm” inside of the host victim. This is, basically, a cultural defecation consequence. Third world practices of using the bathroom where ever has caused the rise in infections.

Schistosomiasis is an infection which is the result of “blood dwelling schistosome flatworms.” In poor nations, hundreds of millions of people can are infected each year, and hundreds of thousands die from it, according to Infowars.

The horror is so vast that, aside from deadly malaria, these flatworms (and the nightmares that they cause) are considered the worst of the “devastating parasitic diseases” in the world.

Roughly 85 percent of all schistosomiasis infections take place in Subsaharan Africa. Outbreaks have been seen in the Mediterranean island of Corsica, as well. These cases were found to be tied to contact with “certain types of freshwater snail that produce human-infective stage schistosomes.

The worms can rapidly penetrate human skin, and once this happens, the real problems begin. They grow “ into adult male and female schistosomes within the blood vessels surrounding the intestines or bladder” of those who are infected.  Since hundreds of thousands of eggs are produced each day by the busy female, and they become nested in huge numbers within human organs.

From there, “these eggs induce chronic complications including inflammation, tissue scarring, fluid imbalances, anaemia, and, eventually, death.” The unfortunate victim becomes hopelessly infested with worms and eggs.

When the tiny eggs get “into the intestines or bladder,” the infected (and infested) person will urinate and pass the threat into the environment. When these eggs find fresh water, it takes no time at all for them to “hatch and release snail-infective schistosome stages, which effectively completes the life cycle.

When proper sanitation exists within a nation, the worry is less severe for obvious reasons.

In the 1940’s, info-graphics were released that warned people of the dreadful eggs and how to avoid bodily infections from the flatworms. In today’s world, nations have to make special toilets that a person can hover above like a catcher in a baseball game because migrants won’t sit on a toilet seat, in many instances.However, if this new commode isn’t made, they often defecate right on the floor and refuse to do otherwise.

The Italian newspaper La Stampa mentioned the irony that food processing has taken and killed the people’s good bacteria (hence the need for probiotic supplements) and now unrestrained migration has introduced something else into the bodies of everyone. It is Africa‘s was of “giving back” and “sharing” with those who are taking in so many people.

While such gallows humor is certainly warranted, the fact remains that this is a much bigger problem than many people are aware of.

In the West, it is not known that this is a common and very deadly problem in the Middle East. Sadly, the education of this fact is going to come with a serious cost.