PUBLISHED: 11:13 PM 20 Feb 2017

First Lady Melania Now Being Torn Apart By “Tolerant” Left For Her Act Of Sincerity

trump rally2

Melania proudly led the rally in saying the Lord’s Prayer

Those were the kind of disgraceful and slanderous comments flooding social media after First Lady Melania Trump took the stage in Florida this weekend.

The detractors could not agree on her worst sin. Was it reciting the Lord’s Prayer? Or perhaps that she had to read from notes? Without a doub, the bigoted rants took over as many were upset over Melania’s Slovenian accent.

While liberals are standing in line to declare our President racist because he wants to restore order to our country, they do not seem to mind making fun of a legal immigrant’s manner of speech.

There were many that spoke out in support of the First Lady and the President. Too many did not, choosing hate speech over behaving like decent human beings.

Repeatedly attacking the faith of the couple, there was a lot of disbelief that either President or Mrs. Trump is Christian.

Others didn’t seem to care if the Trumps are Christian; they were simply insulted that the First Lady chose to read a prayer at all.

trump rally3

They are correct, not everyone in America is Christian. The fact that there are more Christians than Muslims didn’t stop Obama from repeatedly referring to the Islamic religion in his speeches.

Perhaps our President, standing and defending terrorist nations for 8 years has something to do with our country’s current intolerance. Refugees from Muslim countries and illegal aliens can get away with whatever they please. Their rights have been declared more important than Americans for so long that the people here are no longer willing to accept the most predominant religion in the United States anymore. Barack Obama may have not been the whole problem, but he was certainly not part of the solution. He stood at the head of the U.S and led us to the current problems.

Liberals also chose to ignore repeated proof that Barack Obama was not an American citizen. If he was, which is highly unlikely given what we know, much of his family is foreign born. For 8 years, he took advantage of that, clinging to it as a diversity badge of honor. Yet when the current First Lady speaks in an accent, she is condemned.

Melania was born in 1970 in Novo Mesto, Slovenia, which was then part of the communist country of Yugoslavia. She went to school there but at the age of 16 began traveling as a model to countries such as Paris and Italy.

She has been in the United States since 1996. She and Donald Trump met a couple of years later. The couple was married in 2005 and their son Barron was born in 2006. That is also when Melania became a legal U.S citizen.

She has an accent, one she should not be ashamed of. Our country, especially the “tolerant” and “accepting” left, should not be mocking her. And yet, that is exactly what they did after her speech.

Those kinds of comments would immediately be labeled as hate rhetoric if any Republican made them. Somehow it has become perfectly acceptable for the liberals to do so. Mainstream media has barely recognized that Melania took the stage at all.

When vicious attacks could not be thought of and taunts about her dialect or faith had already been made, the liberals quickly and easily resorted to degrading names.

trump rally4

Does anyone remember how many people were fired for calling Michelle Obama names? It was unacceptable then and it remains so, no matter who is in the White House. Dislike for the President’s politics is no reason to sink to immature name calling.

It is sad to see, with so much horror going on in the world that this is what people are concerned about. The President and First Lady, holding a rally and praying. Why anyone would find that offensive is beyond reason.

Many of these Tweets have since been erased. Perhaps someone decided that they weren’t appropriate. Twitter and Facebook saw no reason to question the posters; their liberal CEOs were likely cheering the venom on.

Melania has done little that could be called offensive, except for standing by her family. However the Democrats have decided that the entire Trump family is guilty because of who they are. As we saw after the Inauguration, even 10 year old Barron was not off limits for their attacks.

The crowd at the rally gave the First Lady the welcome she deserved. It is wonderful to see that not all Americans resent patriotic and religious speech. We certainly believe that President Trump, and hopefully his family, will stick to their beliefs and forget what the hostile left have to say.