Chicago Mayor Under Fire

PUBLISHED: 11:05 PM 22 Feb 2018

Fired Police Official Attacks Chicago Mayor, Claims Diversions And “Witch Hunt”

He claims he was the diversion.

Chicago's Mayor (pictured) is certainly hearing about this firing.

Now that President Donald Trump has called the attacks against him in relation to Russia a “witch hunt,” there are a lot of people taking notice of how apt the description is for many areas of our corrupted political world. Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy was fired and he is using the term as he exposes the dirty tricks of the Windy City’s Mayor, Rahm Emanuel.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, McCarthy feels that he was fired “to mask the fact that the ‘entirety of that cover-up’ of the Laquan McDonald shooting video ‘occurred at City Hall.‘”

For a long time, Emanuel said that he supported McCarthy only to fire him and call him a “disruption” shortly thereafter on December 1. This all stemmed from “the court-ordered release of a video played around the world of white Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke firing 16 shots at black teen Laquan McDonald.

Once again, we see people focusing on the race of the offender instead of what the offender did to warrant being shot at. This is a problem that keeps coming up again as criminals use race-baiting sympathies to obscure facts.

On “Chicago Tonight,” McCarthy addressed what he called the “quote-unquote ‘illegal chokehold death” of Eric Garner in New York. That is the man who police killed for selling individual cigarettes on the street, something that many feels was well within his legal right to do.

McCarthy said, “The NYPD and city government in New York didn’t just reverse course. They didn’t fire Bill Bratton. They didn’t conduct a political witch hunt in the department to say that we’re tough on cops. They didn’t fire people based upon minor disciplines in the past that suddenly become fatal.

When he was asked by the host if he really felt that he was “the victim of a witch hunt,” he answered by saying, “Maybe. I like to think of it as [a]…`Look at the squirrel’ diversionary tactic.”

McCarthy also said, “People said that I was a distraction. What does that mean? I was allowed by law to take one action in the Van Dyke case. That was to put him on paid desk duty. The entirety of that cover-up occurred in City Hall.” In no uncertain terms, it seems that this man is not afraid to stand and defend his reputation even in the face of the mayor.

The fired man was asked to “define cover-up” and he said, “I believe the [shooting] video was not released and the circumstances of that video not being released was purposely done for political reasons.”

The odd truth that stands out here is that this is a complete 180 from what he had said in the past. Prior to his current outrage, McCarthy had stated that “The mayor was not in control of what was happening with that video. Conspiracy theories can be fun, right? JFK, Lincoln, Warren Commission, you name it. But that’s simply not the case here. The mayor did not have the capacity to prevent that video from going out.”

Due to this, no one knows what to believe. Is this the truth that everyone is hearing now or is this just sour grapes from a man who lost his job?

That was a total set-up. That was an absolute set-up. And the people involved should be ashamed,” McCarthy now says.

Black leaders have attacked McCarthy for saying that middle-class blacks have left the city leaving behind only “trigger-pullers,” but who can argue that point? Chicago and Baltimore are two liberal controlled cities that see more gun-happy trigger-pullers than the Old West.

What may help this, besides letting each person have access to firearms to defend themselves, is to stop obsessing over what color a person is when they get shot by police and instead, start asking why they got shot.

Were they beating someone, robbing someone, carjacking someone, or bringing misery to innocents? If so, perhaps they deserved what they got.

That said, do police officers ever go too far? Certainly, they do! Still, for everyone to assume that race is a factor even when that happens it to paint with too broad of a brush.

Hopefully, sooner rather than later, these truths will come to be common knowledge and the witch hunting from all sides will come to a permanent end. There are a lot of citizens of all races in Chicago praying for it, too.

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