PUBLISHED: 12:13 AM 11 Jan 2018

Feminist Party Makes Deportation Demand, Claim Native “Whites” Inconstant With Law

"Feminists" of the Feminist Initiatve are looking to spur some emotion by trying to suggest that Sweden end deportations because native whites do not face the same fears.

“Feminists” of the Feminist Initiative are looking to spur some emotion by trying to suggest that Sweden end deportations because native whites do not face the same fears.

The governments of Europe are heading towards travesty as potential members of their legislative branches suggest asinine policies. Not only is their continent being overrun with non-assimilating Muslims, but the crimes they are committing are being covered up or sparsely reported. Now feminists in Sweden are suggesting that total amnesty be given to refugees and that deportations should end because “native white Swedes” do not get deported.

The concept of sovereignty and citizenship are lost to the modern radical leftists. One would say that the nation they were born into meant they were entitled to the rights of a citizen whereas modern leftists would disagree. They do not even approach the situation with the understanding that their counterparts do in that they view the refugees as world citizens as opposed to illegal immigrants.

That is why it is so hard for many to discuss real policies with rabid radical leftists because anything associated with traditional, or in other words successful, practices is associated with racism or bigotry. If one wants to deport a criminal who raped a child because it is not their home, to begin with well then they are racist for wanting to keep the criminals away from their families.

Cars in Malmo, Sweden burn as migrants riot throughout the city because they feel like it. However, upcoming politicians are more worried about native white Swedes speaking out then stopping the violence.

The Feminist Initiative (FI) is an upcoming party in Sweden headed by a Ugandan woman. She declares that all refugees should be citizens and that deportations should end because whites are not deported. The leader, Victoria Kawesa, is planning to really do damage to the Swedish state once they get enough support and membership behind their dangerous campaign promise, no more deportations.

The identity politics of the modern left, such as in Kawesa, is totally running the show as far as Swedish politics go. When asked about her potential and controversial policy, a reporter suggested that murderers and rapists from the third world would not be deported and Kawesa calmly replied that whites commit crimes and do not face deportation. This kind of logic is what poses the most dangerous threat to Western society in that this Ugandan politician is telling Swedes that their laws are no longer acceptable because that is what they feel.

This is the kind of radical rhetoric that should ultimately get someone laughed out of a room. However, in this modern era where each radical liberal has to outdo their predecessor means there will be plenty of support to ban deportations because it is racist and inhumane. Someone should really ask the question, why is this Ugandan woman concerned about Swedish politics in the first place?

Images like these are used to normalize the propaganda put out by radical leftists. Notice that “racists” have to go in order to women to take the roles, are the racists the ones attacking police, raping women, and throwing grenades? It really shows their priorities.

Why is it that native Swedes are being terrorized, gang-raped, trafficked into prostitution, and yet this woman feels the need for deportations to end? They should be just getting started as the people of Sweden have got to understand that nothing about their situation is natural or deserved, their kindness was manipulated by globalists looking to retain power. People like Kawesa will try and say anything to stir emotion about a subject and will refuse to touch the concepts of logic and reason as it is simply their way or the highway anymore.

There is no dialogue anymore between the left and the right. One side sees the other as totalitarian fascists bent on dominating every aspect of human life and the other views the same thing. Leaders like Kawesa make it clear to many in the world that this is simply the new reality in which they live in where deporting illegal criminals is wrong because native populations are not made stateless. That is what she is suggesting by the way, that because the Swedish government does not deport its own citizens then Africans cannot be deported.

This is the kind of backward logic that not only defies sanity and reason, it angers those who must deal with it. Now for some reason, Swedish politicians will likely spend immense time and energy defending the use of deportations while the country remains in turmoil. Think that all of those who threw hand grenades, raped children, and distributed drugs through complex networks will face nothing other than the comfort of a Scandinavian prison cell as opposed to the countries they fled.

Notice the new “Swedish” on the right just gazing in awe at the sight of Muslim gang violence. No real attempts have been put forth by the Swedish people to stop the destruction of their society. Perhaps we’ll have to start taking in Scandinavian refugees over the next few decades.

A troubling thought to even see the idea of deportations be banned as “feminists” in the United States will soon beat the drums of war to ban deportations unless cis-gendered white male conservatives get deported too.