Feminist Held For Murder

PUBLISHED: 8:28 PM 6 Jan 2019

Feminist Activist Faces Murder Charge After Smartphone Records Killing

The incident occurred two years ago, but the smartphone recording was just discovered and the California native will have to remain in jail until her murder trial later this year.

Judge Lisa Greif held activist Tucker Reed in jail until her murder trial after new evidence was discovered.

In a stunning revelation, Feminist activist Aisling “Tucker” Moore Reed has been jailed for the murder of her maternal uncle in July, 2016, until she has a trial.

She originally faced manslaughter charges because she and her family claimed that her uncle, Shane Patrick Moore, attacked her and she shot him in self-defense.

However, new information casts serious doubt on those assertions.

Jackson County Circuit Judge Lisa Greif agreed with prosecutors on Friday, and ordered Reed be held in jail until her murder trial.

Authorities say a smartphone recorded some images and audio the night Reed shot her uncle, and that, combined with what the family claims has cast significant doubt on their statements.

The incident apparently involved a property dispute within the family. Shane Patrick Moore had papers that would split the land 50/50 with his sister, Reed’s mother, and arranged to meet them.

Reed’s mother, Kelly Moore, claims that her daughter was acting in defense of herself, her mother and her grandmother the night the man was shot, which occurred at the home of Moore’s mother and Reed’s grandmother, Lore Moore.

Testimony from Jackson County Sheriff’s Office detectives argued that the recording had initially been hidden.

The detectives testified they were told both Kelly Moore and Reed didn’t own cellphones, but that apparently wasn’t true.

“The iPhone they found had been placed along the far edge of a hutch drawer located close to the downstairs bathroom where Reed vomited after the shooting.”

Detectives said Shane Moore called 911 dispatchers earlier that day, requesting a sheriff’s deputy be at the home around 2:00 p.m. He had scheduled for a notary to attend the property dispute settlement between him and his sister, Kelly Moore.

“Her kid fired off a gun here this morning,” Shane Moore was recorded telling the dispatcher. “I don’t want any trouble.”

The timelines don’t appear to add up.

Prosecutors explained to the judge that Reed used an iPhone to record video of the altercation prior and during the time she shot her uncle with a .38 revolver.

The video begins when Shane Moore tries to get his mother, Lore Moore, to sign over part of her property with a notary present. Reed and her mother were at the house when the victim arrived.

In the video, Reed seems alarmed at the sight of her uncle and screams, “He’s coming into the house goddammit! Get out!”

Less than 10 seconds later, a gunshot is heard.

Although the visual was not clear, the phone kept recording audio. The sounds of Reed becoming ill and crying in the bathroom are heard, but don’t add up.

However, the next part is more than bizarre.

Several minutes later, Kelly Moore tells her daughter that Shane Moore is still alive.

“He’s not dead?” Reed asks her mother, then shouts, “F—!”

Under Oregon law, defendants charged with murder, aggravated murder or treason must remain behind bars “when the proof is evident or the presumption strong that the person is guilty.”

Judge Lisa Greif apparently thought there was a strong presumption, she cited that quote by Reed as a key reason she ruled Reed be held.

“That kind of nailed down the evidence for me,” Greif said.

“You have to look at all things as a whole,” Greif said, adding, “I agree there are inconsistencies.”

Reed began sobbing and muttering as Greif delivered her ruling, so the judge warned her she would order her removed if she didn’t calm down.

“Please do,” Reed said, “I think I’m going to pass out. I think I’m going to throw up.”

The feminist activist will remain in jail until her trial, which is expected to be scheduled in November.