Feinstein ‘Assault’ Cover Up

PUBLISHED: 7:03 PM 1 Oct 2018
UPDATED: 10:07 PM 1 Oct 2018

Feinstein Accused Of Hiding ‘Foreign Donor’ Assault Crime

The victim is speaking out, outlining the horrific treatment Senator Feinstein delivered after the crime.

On Friday, a self-described D.O.D. whistle-blower named Sharyn Bovat went public with bombshell allegations against Dianne Feinstein, her close supporters, and a donor who Bovat claims molested her in 1990. In a video statement, Ms. Bovat implies she was violently assaulted, and that Feinstein kept the attack quiet to hide the fact that she was accepting cash from foreign sources.

Bovat asserted that she attended a party on Senator Feinstein’s 47th birthday at the Fairmont hotel in San Francisco as the assigned date of a Japanese investor and Feinstein supporter.

According to Ms. Bovat, when she left the party to return to her room the Feinstein donor followed her, shoved aside her clothes, and forced himself on her.

She stated that after the attack she set on her bed dazed, with her legs tightly closed, until the hotel staff informed her it was time to check out the next morning.

Bovat further alleged that the intent in her assignment as the donor’s escort was to prevent him from mingling with other supporters, because Feinstein didn’t want it known that she was taking money from foreign sources.

After fulfilling her mission, she stated she was attacked by the Senator’s supporter, and suggested that Feinstein was complicit in keeping the attack secret.

Bovat said she was motivated to come forward with her story after seeing Feinstein’s attempted character assassination of Judge Kavanaugh, and claimed that neither the traditional media, nor Democrats cared to listen.

“People who live in glass houses, shouldn’t throw stones,” the saying goes.

California Senator Dianne Feinstein opened the floodgates of outrageous and unsubstantiated charges of sexual assault against Supreme Court hopeful Brett Kavanaugh last week when she produced a letter from Christine Blasey Ford. Ford’s claims of an assault 36 years earlier prompted calls for more delays in the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh, and led to an F.B.I. investigation.

Senator Feinstein has been viewed as a potential hypocrite before.

For decades, Feinstein has positioned herself as an adversary of ordinary American’s Second Amendment rights, yet she is heavily guarded by armed security, and at times has carried a firearm herself. She stated in 1995 that she knew, “the urge to arm yourself, because that’s what I did,” and further declared that she had, “made the determination that if somebody was going to try to take me out I was going to take them with me.”

However, Feinstein has worked diligently to try and deny the same level of protection to other American women.

The Senator has cheered on the Mueller investigation, even claiming she’s seen the beginnings of a serious case for obstruction of justice implicating President Trump. Though she seems greatly distressed over potential Russian election interference, she displayed a lack of self-awareness and seemed rather unconcerned that her personal driver of twenty years was verified as a Chinese intelligence operative.

It’s worth noting here that Feinstein served as the chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, and had access to top level U.S. secrets

So, it would seem that Senator Feinstein believed in personal safety for herself, but not for the rest of America.

Feinstein has been distraught over Russian internet memes, but wasn’t too concerned that a foreign spy was in the front seat of her car listening to everything she and any passengers said, and monitoring her phone conversations.

Feinstein has positioned herself as a champion of abused women, dragging out Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation by brandishing Dr. Ford’s 36-year-old uncorroborated allegations, yet she appears to have aided in the cover up of Sharyn Bovat’s assault claims from 1990. Bovat also implied that neither Feinstein, nor “mainstream” media will talk with her.

In Bovat’s video statement she gives abundantly more details that could be verified, such as the date and place the attack occurred, the cost of attending the fundraiser, and information about her actions after the alleged assault.

She admits to one error; in the video, she states the event was Feinstein’s 47th birthday, but the Senator was actually turning 57-years-old at the time. Bovat corrects this in a twitter post, and attributed her mistake to her memory.

She also stated that the age mistake is the “only thing that was vetted to be wrong on my video.”

Many Americans are waking up to left wing bias in traditional media outlets, and noticing the duplicity evident in some of their elected officials.

Senator Feinstein should be made to answer for her incompetence in employing a Chinese spy for two decades, and for any role she played in facilitating and covering up the sexual assault of Ms. Bovat at the Senator’s party, or taking money from foreign interests.

Will left leaning media run with these allegations with same enthusiasm they’ve shown for any and all claims of misbehavior against Kavanaugh?

Will they mention them at all?