Owes Government $452,000

PUBLISHED: 4:34 PM 6 Jul 2018

Feds File Suit Against Avenatti Over $452,000 In Unpaid Taxes

Federal attorneys say Avenatti owes nearly half a million dollars in unpaid federal taxes owed by his former law firm.

Avenatti's shady past is resurfacing.

Stormy Daniels lawyer is now facing federal lawyers who claim he took part on a massive IRS “scam” and owes the federal government nearly half a million dollars, Politico reports.

Michael Avenatti‘s former law firm, Eagan Avenatti LLP, owes $452,000 in unpaid federal taxes. In a court hearing last month, Avenatti agreed to pay the money to the IRS, but the funds never arrived. Many won’t find it surprising that Avenatti, a long-time buddy to former President Barack Obama, has a hard time with honesty.

The bombshell was revealed on Tuesday when federal officials notified the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in California that Avenatti hasn’t paid back the money he defrauded from the government.

In it’s submission, Assistant U.S. Attorney Najah Shariff accused Avenatti of trying to scam the federal government.

“The Debtor and its principle [sic] Michael Avenatti made misrepresentations to the United States that it’s [sic] claim would be fully paid,” Shariff wrote. “The misconduct of the Debtor and its responsible office [sic] Michael Avenatti should not be condoned by this Court.”

Unsurprising, Avenatti said he is being targeted for his political views and that he’s not responsible for his previous firm owing almost half a million dollars.

Avenatti has become the darling of the Left in recent months for representing Daniels, an adult film star who claims she had an affair with Trump in 2006. Daniels and Avenatti are locked in a court battle with the president over the nondisclosure she signed years ago. The president has vehemently denied the affair, but that hasn’t stopped Avenatti from running with his witch hunt.

But more importantly, Avenatti has been exposed several times recently for being shady, corrupt, and owing a lot of money to people.

Earlier this year, Conservative Daily Post reported on a federal judge hitting Avenatti’s former firm with a $10 million bankruptcy judgment for not paying a former attorney who said he was never paid millions owed to him by the creepy porn lawyer.

The lawyer said the firm failed to pay him a $4.85 million settlement that he reached in Dec. 2017, saying Avenatti personally guaranteed the agreement during the meeting at the time.

The attorney argued in court that the agreement specified that he would collect 25 percent of the firm’s annual profits as well as 20 percent of the fees his clients paid to the company. He resigned in May 2016 after the firm refused to pay him millions of dollars that he was owed under the terms of their agreement.

Avenatti is corrupt, and the longer he remains in the spotlight, more of his illegal behaviors are uneathered.