PUBLISHED: 8:02 PM 13 Jul 2016
UPDATED: 10:55 PM 13 Jul 2016

Federal Report: Entitled Illegal Immigrants Now Use More Welfare Than American Citizens

Immigrants use a lot of federal aid. According to a Center for Immigration Studies analysis Immigrants, both legal and illegal,averaged over $6,000 worth of welfare usage as compared to over $4,000 by American born citizens. The report also uses information from another report, which showed that over half the immigrant households had at least one welfare system in place.

So why are immigrants using more welfare money than American citizens? The answer is explained by the author of the report, Jason Richwine. “The greater consumption of welfare dollars by immigrants can be explained in large part by their lower level of education and larger number of children compared to natives.” So more immigrants are on welfare because they don’t have a high enough education and they have more kids compared to American citizens.

What was also surprising was the amount of welfare used differed depending on where the family came from. If the family came from the Mexico and Central America area, then they were using over $8,000 of welfare aid per month. If the family came from south Asia however, they were only using a little over $2,500 a month of welfare aid.

What does this mean for the American taxpayer? Well it’s simple math. An immigrant family who comes from Mexico and Central America is using $96,000 of welfare money a year. The more people on welfare means  money taxpayers have to give. Despite the stereotype that people on welfare are lazy, it seems the reason that they use so much money is because of their lower education and more children compared to the native born American. Money Sign 2

The executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies also issued a warning to the people of America. “If we continue to permit large numbers of less-educated people to move here from abroad, we have to accept that there will be huge and ongoing costs to taxpayers.” The answer seems fairly simple; the United States government has to stop allowing so many immigrants into the country that have little education.

Immigration control has been a topic of debate this election year. One of the more notable statements was Donald Trump saying he was going to “build a wall” to help with immigration. Regardless of whether you think that building a wall is moral or not, it would definitely help with the immigration issue. Since people from Mexico and Central America are using a lot more welfare money than other immigrants, slowing down the amount of immigrants that come from there would have a more immediate impact on taxpayers. 11111