Utah Land Sold

PUBLISHED: 1:52 PM 22 Mar 2018

Federal Land Sold Off Despite Objections, Views And Water Quality Cited

17,000 acres were sold off.

President Trump continues selling public lands that were egregiously seized by the Obama administration.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) ignored the screeching wails of leftist liberals on Tuesday. The National Park Service wrote an official protest to try and halt the new proposal which would allow for the lease of 17,000 acres of public land.

The National Park Service made arguments on behalf of Utah’s Hovenweep National Monument on Tuesday. Suggesting the new government program designed to save the parks service may result in ruining the parks.

The Bureau of Land Management is steaming forward with their plan to lease 17,000 acres of public land in Utah. All 13 parcels of land have been sold in online auctions.

Prices for the land ranged from $3 to $91 an acre. Critics believe that mining or drilling can begin and ruin the views or groundwater.

The National Parks Service’s plea from October describes the concerns the agency had about oil and gas drilling in Utah. The letter mentioned the possible destruction of the Hovenweep National Monument as well as three other national parks in southern Utah.

Arches National Park and nearby Canyonlands National Park have been identified as at risk. Along with the Natural Bridges National Monument, the public parks could have their views ruined by oil exploration.

The letter delivered to the offices of land management contains seven pages of complaints. Critiquing the methods used in the environmental impact survey, the National Parks Service declared the bureau’s analysis did not include light and sound pollution which would disrupt the dark night skies and tranquil scenes.

Kate Cannon, the superintendent of the Parks Service’s Southeast Utah Group, had suggested that many state parks would be affected as well. Cannon believes the growth of new industry so close to parklands will destroy all the aspects of federal lands that people enjoy.

The Bureau of Land Management addressed the concerns of the agency in a December forum. Officials declared the bureau is working very closely with the sister origination on the matter.

Ed Roberson, Bureau of Land Management Utah State Director, confirmed the interagency cooperation on Tuesday. Announcing that new processes were being developed in order to adequately acknowledge the concerns of the October letter.

Roberson noted that after all complaints were addressed and resolved, the bureau went forward with the sale.

Nada Culver, an advocacy group senior counsel, is suggesting the government did not go far enough to appease their self-imposed regulations.

The Wilderness Society accused the Bureau of Land Management of lying. In a statement on Tuesday, Culver claimed there were never any studies conducted.

Leftists have rallied against the proposal to auction land earlier this month. The initiative put forth by Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke, would allow for land to be leased to oil and gas companies across the west.

The left erupted into outrage and demonstrated against the controversial bill. Multiple states including New Mexico and Montana saw postponements in their auctions.

State lawmakers in Utah were enthusiastic about the deal and helped the Secretary achieve his goal.

The advocacy group Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance was able to block a similar proposal put forth under President Bush. The plan was halted long enough for Obama to terminate the project.

Calling for the leasing of 13 parcels from Utah’s San Juan County, Zinke is looking to revive the deferred proposals.

Zinke has been an active proponent of President Trump’s agenda and continues to achieve success. His critics have fallen so low as to shame the white male for using the salutation, Konnichiwa.

Chairman of the House Natural Resource Committee, a Republican Representative of Utah, Rob Bishop’s office released a statement on the secretary’s success. The spokesperson for the legislator, Katie Schoettler, declared the Bureau of Land Management had done a fantastic job conducting all the appropriate research leading up to the deal.

Unable to halt the reversal of Obama era policies, the media have begun their attempt to remove Zinke from office. Exploiting the #MeToo movement, opponents of the president are highlighting unconfirmed accusations against the president’s administration.

In spite of the cruel democratic backlash, President Trump and his team are working hard to turn around the failed socialist policies of Obama. Incorporating the astounding America first strategy the president and his administration are creating jobs and posting profits from the parks department.