Texas Democrat Found Guilty Of Fraud

PUBLISHED: 4:21 PM 23 Feb 2018

Federal Jury Finds Democrat Texas State Senator Guilty Of Committing Fraud

A federal jury found a Democrat Texas State Senator guilty of several counts of fraud.

A Democrat Texas State Senator was found guilty of several counts of fraud.

Democrat Texas State Senator Carlos Uresti was found guilty on 11 charges of criminal fraud in a 10-year Ponzi scheme that was paid out monthly to cover his tracks.

On Thursday, a federal jury in San Antonio found both Uresti and his co-defendant, Gary Cain, guilty on all counts of committing numerous acts of wire and bank fraud.

After being found guilty on the charges of money-laundering and engaging in unlawful monetary transactions, each Democrat faces up to 20 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000.

The jury found Uresti, Cain, and Four Winds CEO Stanley P. Bates guilty of running an illegal Ponzi scheme in May 2017.

Uresti pleaded not guilty at the hearing last year, but the jury handing down an 11-count indictment this week has sent shock waves across the nation.

Uresti and the co-conspirators worked with the company Four Winds to promote sand for hydraulic oil production.

The businessmen associated with the company used the money from investors for personal expenses and to pay back the previous stakeholders involved in the deal.

Another indictment alleges Uresti was paid $10,000 a month for nearly 10 years to work for a marketing company called Reeves County Detention Center.

Uresti was caught paying a bribe to a county official to secure future contracts and business deals.

The Democrats created a massive corruption scheme to defraud their investors in the hydraulic fracking sand oil production sector and used the money to live lavish lifestyles.

Following the indictment, Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick immediately had Uresti removed from Senate committee assignments.

“As lieutenant governor, I do not have the authority to remove Sen. Uresti from the Texas Senate but I have notified his office that he will be relieved of his committee assignments, effective immediately,” Patrick said. “I will replace him in those positions shortly so that the work of these committees can continue to move forward.”

The Texas Democrat is still facing additional charges relating to bribery and money laundering as well as numerous sexual harassment complaints.

Uresti is another corrupt Democrat who deserves to rot in a jail cell.

Source: Breitbart