Judge Rules On Ballots

PUBLISHED: 6:55 PM 15 Nov 2018

Federal Judge Rules Florida Voters Have ‘Two Extra Days’ To Fix Ballots

Reports say this is a partial victory for Democrat Bill Nelson, but has possibly sealed the fate of the governor’s race.

Florida democrats get another two days to 'fix' ballots.

In the never-ending saga of what appears democrat election fraud, Chief U.S. District Judge Mark Walker ruled voters will have two extra days to resolve issues concerning the rejection of ballots where signatures on file did not match the signature on the vote.

The new deadline set by the Obama-appointed judge, who had previously allowed felons to vote, for Saturday puts Thursday’s 3 p.m. machine recount deadline in jeopardy.

Democrat Bill Nelson wanted mail-in ballots that have signatures that do not match those on file counted.

“So I ask each of you, just consider whether or not you’d want you ballot thrown out by an untrained – even though well-intentioned – election worker or a volunteer, all because he or she determined your signature doesn’t look right,” Nelson said.

Election officials testified that nearly 4,000 mail-in and provisional ballots were rejected because of the issue.

The recount has called into question the GOP wins for Florida’s next U.S. senator and commissioner of Agriculture.

However, nearly everyone believes that certain counties will not have their recounts finished in time.

Rick Scott recused himself from his role on the election commission, but has already headed to Washington for the freshmen orientation in the U.S. Senate.

Scott holds a .15 percent lead over Nelson.

GOP lawyers and representatives have been vocal about the shenanigans in both Broward County and Palm Beach County, where not only boxes of provisional ballots have been discarded by democrats in various locations, but Broward officials have been found guilty of past illegal behavior.

Palm Beach is the only county in Florida that has publically said it would not make the deadlines.

“I am working as hard as I can and I can’t give anymore. This is our democracy and I am here to count every vote and I will take the time that’s required,” said Susan Bucher.

The entire mess has been called a test run for a possible election fraud in the 2020 presidential race.

Many people recognize that it was only after republican candidates handily won these elections that these two, highly liberal-run counties, ‘miraculously found’ votes.

Others have called for a renewal of the President’s anti-voter-fraud commission, citing the fact that new apps provide the exact same information that the council requested from the states and that these issues in Florida, Georgia, and Arizona point to the fact that liberals have no compunction about stealing elections they can’t win with votes.