Judge Halts Deportation

PUBLISHED: 9:45 PM 16 Jul 2018

Federal Judge Defies Trump Administration Immigration Enforcement, Halts Deportation Efforts

The Trump administration will respond to the ruling by July 23.

Forget federal law: a liberal judge recently ruled against deporting previously separated families back to their countries of origin.

President Donald Trump and his administration are simply doing what they promised to do: to enforce immigration laws as they rightfully should be. However, such has driven the left insane with their claims that the Trump administration is wrongfully separating families.

On Monday, the American Civil Liberties Union and a federal judge took this a step further as they teamed up to defy the president’s efforts in ensuring national security by preventing necessary deportation practices over a reunification ‘rumor,’ showing that, apparently, that is all that is needed to win over a liberal judge.

U.S. District Court Judge Dana Sabraw from San Diego, California outlandishly rendered the ruling on Monday morning, mandating that families which had previously been separated and reunited could not be deported back to their countries of origin, at least for now.

The ACLU “filed a motion earlier in the day that called for reunited migrant parents to be protected from deportation for seven days after being reconnected with their children,” claiming “persistent and increasing rumors” regarding separations.

While the those advocating for illegal immigrants’ rights have been quick to make this an ethical dilemma while ignoring federal law, the ACLU outrageously claimed that illegal immigrants with children require time to “make informed decisions about whether to leave their children behind in the United States” in considering to seek asylum.

Naturally, such a move has come under legal scrutiny as attorney Scott Stewart with the U.S. Justice Department rightfully noted “that the Trump administration opposes delaying deportation,” continuing that the administration will issue a formal response within one week, by July 23.

Fellow DOJ attorney, Sarah Fabian, added that preventing deportations would result in overcrowding in detention centers in yet another strain that illegal immigration has imposed on the nation.

However, the liberal Judge Sabraw did not consider such a realistic concern in saying, “If space is an issue, then the government will have to make space.”

Yet space is not the only concern that the Trump administration and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has faced, as seen in “fail[ing] to reconnect 46 children due to security concerns and other logistical hurdles.”

Judge Sabraw further complicated the situation for the Trump administration by, on Friday, ordering that “more than 2,500 [older] separated children” be reunited with their parents “by July 26,” further claiming that the administration and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services will use technical or safety concerns as ploys to “avoid meeting the late-July deadline.”

However, the obstacles that HHS met involved parents with criminal histories or involved individuals who “were determined not to be the youngsters’ parents at all.”

Deputy director for children’s programs at the Office of Refugee Resettlement, Jonathan White, was appointed as an illegal immigration advocate as he presented the ACLU’s case before Sabraw on Monday.

Sabraw claimed that White appears to be acting in ‘good faith’ while further questioning the Trump administration’s ‘zero-tolerance’ for illegal immigration policies.

Of course, such efforts are said to be for the protection of children who did not necessarily choose to enter the United States illegally but were brought over nonetheless.

Chris Meekins, also on behalf of HHS, logically noted that Sabraw’s order regarding ‘deeply troubling’ family separations would not protect children as it has been said to.

To this, Judge Sabraw claimed that “Mr. Meekins, apparently, wants to hold children for months.”

However, such a claim is hypocritical considering that it is the Trump administration trying to enforce illegal immigration and have offending individuals and their children removed from the country within timely manners.

Even more disturbing is that all it took was for a judge to consider a ‘rumor’ which subsequently resulted in a federal ruling opposing the President of the United States.

Further infuriating, Judge Sabraw clearly considered immigrant children before the American people’s safety. To this the DOJ has “assured Sabraw the children were well cared for, offering him a visit to a shelter if he wanted.”

However, Sabraw retorted that it is of no concern how such minors were cared for but rather the simple fact that they had been removed from their parents for any length of time.

“It’s the act of separation from a parent, particularly with young children, that matter,” he continued.

The judge also warned of three upcoming hearings in which he would “ensure compliance with his order.”

While liberal legislators and judges have continued to advocate for illegal immigrants as an ethical issue, in June, Attorney General Jeff Sessions mandated restrictions regarding immigrant asylum claims on behalf of individuals with histories of ‘private violence.’

To this, the ACLU argued that such constraints may place immigrant children in a seemingly never-ending state of limbo while their parents fight to remain in the country, some of who will ultimately “be removed [from the country] at the end of the day” anyway.

Naturally, this reaffirms who is actually preventing such children from being reunited with their families.

Conservatives nor the Trump administration are purposely attempting to separate families, as they are free to be united so long as they do not enter the country illegally.