Federal Officers Act

PUBLISHED: 6:31 PM 28 Jun 2018
UPDATED: 6:35 PM 28 Jun 2018

Federal Government Moves to Restore Order in Portland, Arrests Protesters

The local police in Portland, Oregon, refused to render any help to the federal government in restoring order at their facility.

Due to the failures of local politicians, the federal government had to send in officers in order to restore order at the Portland ICE headquarters.

Leftists are still angry about the illegal immigration process, and how illegals were being separated from their children, and various other sleights, real and imagined. Never upset while Obama was keeping people in dog kennels, and although the mostly fake images of children in cages are dying out, they’re still incensed, and looking to excise that anger somewhere.

In Portland, Oregon, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers bore the brunt of this anger, as leftist and progressive ‘activists’ illegally blocked the entrance to ICE headquarters in southwest Portland. At 5:30 a.m. this morning, federal riot officers began the process of restoring sanity after nine days of leftist anarchy, and arrested 8 protestors in doing so.

Just like the democrats that tried to stop desegregation, these people think they can break the law, and order the federal government out.

According to a spokesman for the Federal Protective Service, Robert Sperling, the federal government’s riot officers took steps to reopen the ICE facility at 4310 SW Macadam Avenue in Portland, Oregon, having just stepped over the sleeping rioters in the past few days.

However, this time, officers were forced to take steps against the protestors, who were blocking access to the building and even camping in front of the entrances.

Early on in the process, federal officers took eight individuals, at least, into custody.

At this time, the federal government has not released names to the public of those they arrested, nor have they stated with what they were charged.

However, law enforcement took no action against the protesters who were camped out along the side of the building. According to Sperling, the federal government wanted to ensure that they respected the First Amendment rights of the protesters.

Due to the issue they had this morning, the federal government planned to post officers around the building for the foreseeable future, and to open the ICE facility for business as usual as soon as they possibly could.

Interestingly, Mayor Ted Wheeler of Portland, Oregon, who also serves as police commissioner for the Portland Police Bureau, refused to send any assistance to the federal facility.

Indeed, Wheeler declined to provide any sort of assistance from the PPB to the Department of Homeland Security during what was fairly described as a ‘siege’ on the ICE headquarters.

One of the organizers for the protest camp, Lilith Sinclair, told a local news agency that officers from DHS had been playing what she called “mind games” with them, including putting cardboard cutouts of officers in the windows of the facility to give the impression of a larger force.

She also complained that an officer walked around with an ‘eagle mask’ on, and that the facility played loud music to keep protestors awake at night.

Sinclair, who is part of the group ‘Occupy ICE PDX,’ says that because Portland is a sanctuary city, the federal government’s immigration organization cannot legally operate there, and contends that therefore the group has no legal standing to enforce any laws, or to remove protesters.

Of course, that’s the same tired lie that democrats in the 1960’s used to try to stop desegregation.

The federal government, on the other hand, is simply interested in removing the protesters, who have been camped out at the facility for nine days now, from being able to stop the headquarters from functioning properly.

Sinclair and her group maintain that ICE cannot legally operate in Portland, and demand that ICE should be defunded and disbanded by the federal government.

As officers cleared away the debris that the campers used to block the doors, they took away truckloads of tents, boards, and even a couch which leftists had brought to the area to block the front entrance and provide comfortable seating. Liberal ‘protests’ have a way of leaving trash, lots of it, behind.

Due to the ongoing incident, TriMet, the city’s bus service, announced that there would be no stops at Southwest Moody, River Parkway, Macadam, and Boundary while the protest camp was still in operation.

Frankly, this seems very little different than the ‘Occupy New York’ movement, or any of the dozens of other ‘Occupy’ movements.

Leftists with little else to do, no work, and more time and money than understanding set up a camp somewhere, make a scene, and demand things, all while trashing the area.

If the other Occupy movements are any indication, they will only camp out as long as they can get media attention and don’t get bored.

The claims made by the group are absurd on their face, though. The fact that Portland declared itself a ‘sanctuary’ city to thumb its nose at the federal government does not mean that federal laws suddenly don’t exist. It just means that the city plans to ignore them when they like.

Still, it seems that, at least in Portland, the only people the federal government can trust to maintain order at the ICE facility are federal security agents.