FEC Anti-GOP Bias

PUBLISHED: 4:15 PM 8 Jun 2018

FEC Democrat Admits Agency Biased Against Conservatives, Matt Drudge Case

Ann Ravel admitted that the FEC is biased against republicans and conservatives.

Obama lackey admits she used her power at FEC to target conservatives.

In a shocking discovery, the former democratic chair of the Federal Election Commission admitted that she targeted republicans and conservative websites like The Drudge Report, according to The Washington Examiner.

During an interview with the Cal Alumni AssociationAnn Ravel, who previously denied that the agency had any bias against conservatives, admitted earlier this week that the agency has an extreme anti-GOP bias. Her sickening admission further proves why all areas of the federal government must be cleansed, including ancient republicans who protect the deep state.

In the interview, she stated, “My understanding is that, sometime around 2005, it was the suggestion of Don McGahn (who is presently the White House counsel) to Sen. Mitch McConnell that if he appointed three Republican commissioners, and if they all knew to vote in lockstep on everything, that they would be able to assure that nothing would get done at the commission.”

Adding, “And that’s exactly what they did. McGahn was appointed along with two other Republicans. From that time forward they have voted together and have not crossed party lines. There is an increased lack of willingness of even one Republican to vote to investigate a case.”

Ravel, now a lecturer at the University of California Berkeley Law School, said that she and others at the FEC took direct actions against conservative news curator Matt Drudge, Fox News host Sean Hannity, and many other right-leaning websites and figures.

Ravel was asked where FEC cases originate from, and whether they could be biased against republicans. No longer working at the agency and unafraid to show her liberal stripes, Ravel said the FEC undoubtedly targets conservatives.

“Absolutely. The cases have come primarily from watchdog groups, and most of those groups are on the liberal side,” Ravel said.

Between 2013 and 2016, when she was one of six FEC commissioners, Ravel said the complaints against republicans were more than three for every one against democrats. In other words, 66 percent of all FEC complaints and actions were against republicans.

Ravel’s candid answers reveal the typical smug, snide mentality of liberals in the era of President Donald Trump. Under former President Barack Obama, weaponizing a federal agency to attack right-leaning personalities and websites was apparently far more prevalent than many previously knew.

While she was the commissioner, the FEC also made several attempts to silence Hannity and Drudge, but the republicans on the board were able to prevent those efforts from advancing. She blamed political gridlock on her reason for leaving in 2017, meaning she would likely still be the commissioner had she not left just prior to Trump winning the election.

When asked about having fair elections and the FEC remaining neutral, Ravel implied it was her duty to use her power to give democrats the upper hand in the media.

She not only claimed that the 2016 presidential election wasn’t fair, but added that rogue officials and agencies should take action against a duly elected president if they don’t agree with their politics.

Her admission is no different that the Obama administration weaponizing the Internal Revenue Service to go after conservative groups. Obama undoubtedly abused his power and encouraged federal agencies to target his political opponents, giving rogue officials like Ravel the idea that such behavior was warranted and acceptable.

Ravel admitting that most cases were brought against republicans is just another scathing reminder that she was a partisan hack who abused her power to suppress speech that she didn’t support.