Abortion Pill Deaths

PUBLISHED: 8:07 PM 25 Jul 2018

FDA Report: Abortion Pill Responsible For Over 22 Fatalities

This ‘safe’ method has resulted in countless other deaths and injuries which have gone unreported.

The FDA reported 22 deaths from the abortion pill; however, that figure is, unfortunatlely, likley much higher.

The abortion industry continues to insist that the murderous practice is in any way ‘safe,’ a claim which pro-life activists and medical professionals know to be a lie, as seen in the high risk that women taking the ‘abortion pill’ undergo to terminate their pregnancies. Such often occurs as the result of false statistics and failure to report on the horrors of ending a pregnancy with a medication, such as was seen with a woman screaming in agony from typical side effects.

While the pro-choice side remains in a constant state of denial, the Food and Drug Administration recently released a report covering the deaths of 22 women who took the combination of abortion pills known as RU-486. However, this devastatingly does not even begin to cover the dangers of abortion as many other deaths and injuries have gone unreported, something that the abortion lobby conveniently covers up.

The combination of ‘abortion pills’ consists of two medications: Mifepristone, also known as Mifeprex, and Misoprostol. A woman wishing to terminate her pregnancy within 10 weeks or 70 days from the date of the missed period first orally administers Mifepristone which “blocks the action of a hormone, progesterone” which results in the uterus “break[ing] down” and then causes the fetus to detach from its walls and begin to die inside the womb.

Note: Reversal IS still possible at this point “if progesterone is administered” in a timely manner.

Sometime “24 to 48 hours later,” the woman administers the second pill, Misoprostol, which artificially causes contractions “to force the dead baby out of the uterus.”

‘Typical’ side effects are said to include “heavy bleeding,” “abdominal pain or ‘feeling sick,’” and “fever.”

The abortion industry writes such a series of horrors off as a simple two-step process in which the woman may undergo the procedure in the privacy of her home. Planned Parenthood outrageously mitigates the process and danger, claiming that “the risk of death from childbirth is much greater” than that from terminating a pregnancy.

As far as the risk of death, former Planned Parenthood board member and researcher, Dr. Philip Darney claimed in 2005 that the fatality rate for taking the drug is “1.5 per 100,000.”

This data is supposedly gathered by RU-486’s manufacturer, Danco, which “is required to report any death associated with” its drugs.

However, in March, the FDA updated its information regarding the combination of drugs and revealed that from September 2000 to December 2017, 22 women died as a result of complications, usually involving blood loss and infections. A shocking 97 ectopic pregnancies were reported as well.

Regarding serious complications, the rate approached roughly 300 affected women per year.

Unfortunately, these figures are likely only indicative of several dozen abortion deaths and complications, as not all women experiencing complications “return to the abortion provider” while others fail to disclose that they have taken the drug or drugs upon seeking emergency care.

The danger of this lies not only in the risk of killing two lives instead of one but also considering that abortion lobbyists are advocating for the ‘safe’ abortion pill to be made available to university students (for free) and for it to be more widely prescribed and taken without doctor supervision.

Of course, that remains one of the major concerns surrounding medical abortions: that symptoms and reactions often occur in private, which not only endangers associated women but also desensitizes doctors to the ordeal in which they are subjecting patients by prescribing the drug.

One woman who understandably wished to remain anonymous, detailed the suffering she endured from taking the abortion pill.

Reported by ClinicQuotes, the woman describes that about an hour after administering the medication, she began experiencing pain which even surpassed her gall bladder surgery recovery discomfort.

She took the associated pain and nausea medications provided by her doctor, yet she noted they did nothing as all she could do was “vomit repeatedly,” pace her home, and attempt to subside the pain with hot showers and baths, all while “randomly screaming and crying.”

About five agonizing hours later, she horrifically described expelling “a giant clot of some sort. It was flesh colored and the size of a standard coaster,” she later said.

Following that, she experienced continuing bleeding and nausea, which are, again, said, to be ‘normal symptoms’ associated with medical abortions which can last up to “several days.”

Dr. Anthony Levatino, a former abortionist who later became a pro-life advocate after aborting over 1,200 fetuses, explained a reality about first trimester, medically-induced abortions that pro-choice democrats may not wish to hear: that the mother can sometimes see the structure of her underdeveloped unborn baby’s body.

At nine weeks, Levatino notes, “the baby will be almost an inch long, and if [the mother] looks carefully, she might be able to count the fingers and toes.”

Up until that point, the innocent soul was indeed a human being, capable of developing and living if not artificially interfered with. However, abortion advocates continue to insist otherwise, instead focusing on women’s and reproductive rights.

Ethically, it may never be possible to convince the left with no regard for life that abortion is wrong. Medically, however, it continues to be proven that all forms of pregnancy termination are undeniably risky.

Thankfully, the FDA has acknowledged this by revealing the recent statistics. This could prove to be life-saving for both woman and child. Given that women who opt for abortions are making the most selfish decisions of their lives, hopefully, some will at least consider their own health in refusing such an option and saving their unborn children.