FBI Investigation Busted

PUBLISHED: 6:46 PM 12 Jan 2019

FBI Started Trump Investigation Days After Comey Fired

In a New York Times report, the FBI opened an investigation into Donald Trump days after Comey was fired, providing another piece of evidence of the suspected abuse of power and hit job to take down Donald Trump.

More evidence of an FBI set up of President Trump has been revealed.

A few months ago, the story broke that James Comey contacted Robert Mueller by phone the moment after he was fired by Donald Trump, and now, new evidence shows that the FBI began its investigation of Donald Trump days after Comey was fired.

The investigation was opened on whether Donald Trump was ‘working on behalf of Russia’ just after he fired James Comey, a man who democrats had previously called for removal.

“Special counsel Robert Mueller took over the inquiry upon his appointment May 17, 2017, just over a week after Trump fired Comey.

“It is unclear whether Mueller is continuing that part of the investigation, which has focused mainly on possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian government, the Times reports.” Of course, there’s also no mention of the possible destruction of evidence.

The publication “previously reported Mueller and the FBI are investigating Trump for possible obstruction of justice over Comey’s firing, but the counterintelligence investigation into Trump had not been disclosed until the Times scoop.”

“The article did not indicate whether the FBI or Mueller developed evidence Trump was a Russian asset.

“The FBI opened counterintelligence files on four separate Trump associates in late July 2016, Comey told Congress.

“Trump himself was not under investigation, though the Times reports the senior FBI official grew concerned the former real estate magnate was working on behalf of Russia following some of his Russia-friendly comments during the campaign.

Allegations made in the unverified and salacious Steele dossier also stoked concerns among FBI officials. The dossier alleges the Kremlin had blackmail material on Trump in the form of a sexually explicit video.”

Of course, absolutely no evidence of such a claim has been discovered. The dossier was financed by Hillary Clinton and the DNC, and the FBI was aware of that fact.

“The counterintelligence investigation was ultimately opened after Trump publicly discussed Comey’s firing, suggesting it was because of the Russia probe.”

That’s when the FBI decided to investigate “whether the president’s own actions constituted a possible threat to national security,” according to the Times.



“James Comey himself said there wasn’t anything to suggest that Trump was involved in anything or that there was any collusion before he was fired.

“So to open an investigation only after he was fired is sketchy in the extreme and reeks of retaliation against not only a private citizen, but the President of the United States.”

Moreover, their excuses beyond the firing have been proven false.

They claimed Trump told Russia to hack Hillary’s emails, which was false, “he was referencing the emails that Hillary destroyed that were under subpoena that everyone was wondering about, and joking that Russia would probably be able to find them because Hillary had left everything on an unsecured server. You can’t hack what she already had destroyed.”

“And the other claim was that the supposedly the GOP had softened their platform against Russia which wasn’t true.”

Many people have asked if those false stories were enough to warrant an investigation, than why wasn’t Obama investigated when he told with Dimitri Medvedev he would have more  “flexibility” for Vladimir Putin after his election?

The FBI apparently had no problem justifying the investigation of Trump’s team members, and trying to set them up, using information fabricated by democrats. Such actions should warrant a complete restructuring of the bureau, many people argue, because it is a horrendous abuse of power.

No information of any collusion has been found.

“And one more thing to add to this story. Michael Schmidt, the person who just wrote the New York Times story and is spinning this information was the same man who James Comey leaked to when he was trying to manipulate the situation to get a special prosecutor in the wake of his firing, again trying to improperly manipulate the situation to get at the man who fired him.”

The entire activities of the FBI for the past two years should be investigated, many argue.