Burr’s Phone Seized

PUBLISHED: 1:00 PM 14 May 2020
UPDATED: 5:07 PM 14 May 2020

FBI Seizes Senator’s Phone As Warrant Issued Over Insider Trading

Don’t expect Richard Burr to actually be punished for his money-making move… He's one of the elite gang of eight and Chairman of the SSCI.

He's the chairman of the SSCI, and as such is deeply involved in the Obamagate spying. (Source: CBS This Morning YouTube Screenshot)

According to reports, the FBI has served a warrant on Senator Richard Burr, seizing his cell phone as part of an ongoing investigation into illegal coronavirus connected insider trading.

However, many people point out that no real punishment will ever fall on Burr for his actions. He’s much too powerful a politician in D.C. At most, he’ll have to pay a fine, which will likely be covered by some political interest group or other lobbying firm. So, although this is big deal… it’s all bells and whistles, they argue.

The Washington Times reported:

The Los Angeles Times reported Wednesday evening that Sen. Richard Burr, North Carolina Republican, had a warrant served upon him at his Washington-area home and turned the device over to FBI agents.

Given the high-profile target, the warrant and the seizure had to have been approved at the Justice Department’s highest levels, the Times wrote.

The actions represent a major escalation in the probe of stock trades made by several senators who made the trades in the days surrounding secret February briefings warning of a potentially catastrophic epidemic but before the stock market began crashing.

Mr. Burr made dozens of trades in that period of stocks that were hit hard in the crash and, the official told the Times, agents want to examine his phone for communications with his broker.

Conservative Treehouse reported:

It likely takes a lot of main justice approvals to serve a search warrant for the device of the Chairman of the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI).  The Chairman of the powerful committee also sits on the congressional oversight team known as the gang-of-eight.

The sketchy guardian of swamp secrets is retiring at the end of his term so he’s probably just willing to wait out the investigation and negotiate with the DC justice-tier to pay a fine and move on.  DC has a totally different set of laws and outcomes than everywhere else.  Any fine, and any resulting legal expenses, will likely be paid by a lobbying firm or political interest group who previously contracted with, and received benefit from, Senator Burr.

It’s the way of the swamp.