PUBLISHED: 7:23 PM 17 Feb 2017

FBI Releases Trump Documents Amidst New Investigation, Trump Sr. Exposed In Leak

fred trump9

James Comey makes another bold move

Recent activity by the FBI has many wondering, what is James Comey thinking? With this week’s scandal involving Michael Flynn, the FBI and Comey were under scrutiny anyways. In addition, they may be facing a lawsuit from Judicial Watch for failing to produce the intelligence they have on Flynn.

The continued hits don’t seem to be slowing them down. The release of documents, some 4 decades old, involving Fred Trump, has interesting timing. The files detail an investigation into a possible housing discrimination by President Trump’s father.

The investigation occurred between 1972 and 1974. The documents cover that time period and include interview notes, handwritten statements, and the FBI’s own reports.

Of course, Comey is not announcing his involvement in the leak, but the convenient timing points towards him wanting to refocus media coverage.

This is not the first time that the agency has used this tactic. In a move, with timing called “odd” by Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon, a similar release occurred in the weeks before the November election.

In that instance, a Twitter account maintained by the FBI’s records division suddenly became active, after nearly a year. The documents released then were also on Fred Trump, who has been deceased for almost 20 years now.

Days after that dump, records of the Justice Department’s probe of Bill Clinton’s pardon of billionaire Marc Rich were also released. Rich was a dirty and corrupt businessman facing a whole list of charges going back decades.

He had made most of his money selling oil to the apartheid regime in South Africa and trading illegally with America’s enemies. Clinton issued the pardon on his last day of office in 2001 and the controversial move is still considered his most condemned official act.

Democrats cried foul when those documents were released during the election, claiming it was politically motivated.

The investigation into Fred Trump and Trump Management Company concerned allegations that Fred discriminated against applicants for apartment rentals based on race.

A hot issue in the 2016 elections, Democrats felt that this investigation bolstered their claims that Donald Trump was a racist also. Since Trump was an executive with the company at the time of the investigation, liberals made the big leap that he was connected.

The documents released this week include statements from tenants and employees, accusing the company and Fred Trump of having racist policies.

“Fred Trump told me not to rent to blacks,” one rental supervisor who worked for Fred Trump told an FBI special agent in 1973.

fred trump7

A statement from the FBI’s leaked documents

A former doorman’s statement in October of 1974 described what he called the “Trump company’s anti-black policy.”

He reported to investigators that a superintendent who worked for Fred Trump made him aware of the policy. He was supposedly told to inform black applicants for apartments “that the rent was twice as much as it really was, in order that he could not afford the apartment.”

fred trump8

The handwritten statement of a doorman for Fred Trump

The FBI files are noticeably missing one thing; any mention of Donald Trump. That did not stop the Democrats during the election though. Headlines about the documents were of typical liberal spin;

  • Donald Trump’s father Fred ‘tried to stop black people renting his properties’, FBI dossier claims
  • Donald Trump’s father ‘told staff’ to ‘get rid of blacks’ when running property firm with his son, FBI dossier claims
  • “Fred Trump Told Me Not to Rent to Blacks”: Horror Stories From the FBI’s 1970s Investigation into Racism at Trump Apartments

The stories also left out details about the settlement between Trump Management and the Justice Department in 1975. Trump agreed to provide more rentals to minority applicants but did not admit any wrongdoing.

The FBI’s scheme to disrupt the election did not work, as we know, and it is doubtful that the more recent one will have much of an impact either.

The bigger issue is, do these documents and the other leaks about the Trump administration, signal a war between the intelligence community and President Trump? Heated exchanges during the election including accusations of wrong doing from Trump, may have left the FBI with the desire for a little revenge.

Unfortunately we do not know where they will draw the line. Decades old investigations are one thing, tapping of Michael Flynn’s phone lines are a completely another. And as President Trump asked, what is next?

Understandably concerned, the President and his administration will likely be conducting their own investigation into the leaks. Getting to the source before national security is breached will be a high priority.

Many have noted that this week’s dump of records, timed as they were and not truly involving President Trump, are just feeble and in poor taste. Going after Trump’s deceased father is a low that Democrats are apparently not afraid to reach.

President Trump has made moves to smooth over relations with the FBI and CIA. It seems they weren’t successful. This country needs its’ intelligence community to cease acting like a hurt child and begin supporting their President.