McCabe Duplicity Laid Bare

PUBLISHED: 5:34 PM 8 Jun 2018
UPDATED: 5:34 PM 8 Jun 2018

FBI Manipulations Uncovered In Flynn Persecution

Flynn was an adversarial witness against a senior FBI official who later targeted him.

The FBI's multitude of improprieties concerning the persecution of Mike Flynn were recently laid bare, thanks to a simple not from a U.S. Senator who pointed out a link that many people had forgotten.

In the months since the President first took office, it seems that Andrew McCabe and his boss, James Comey, have acted improperly, even criminally, on many occasions in their leadership roles in the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Now, another new story of impropriety on the part of McCabe, who is facing possible charges, has been brought to the attention of the American government and its people. It seems that when the former Deputy Director of the FBI interviewed Michael Flynn, Flynn was a ‘hostile witness’ against McCabe in a lawsuit concerning sexual discrimination.

Weaponizing the Bureau against people who could get them charged seems to be common among FBI leadership, as Robert Mueller’s tenure can attest.

Charles Grassley, a Republican Senator from Iowa, pointed this out in a letter to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

In the letter, Grassley wrote that when McCabe oversaw the inquiry and interview of Flynn, the Lieutenant General was named as an adverse witness in a pending sexual discrimination suit aimed at the Deputy Director of the FBI involving female agents.

That is an extremely large conflict of interest, and should have been enough to force the government executive to recuse himself. After all, he was placed in a position where he could have used his power to strike out against a person who was on the opposing side of a serious legal claim.

Had McCabe recused himself, he would have been acting properly. Instead, he refused to do so, and didn’t even mention the nature of his relationship to LTG Flynn at the time.

What he did do was much worse. He sent two agents, including one with a political ax to grind who had repeatedly stated his hatred for President Donald Trump and his politics, to interview the former Army officer.

After the agents finished their work, and they wrote the 302 interview reports, McCabe even allegedly went so far as to alter them to suit his needs.

The case, which involved the two involved an FBI special agent, Robyn Gritz, and her claims against the man who was quickly rising through the ranks of the Bureau and seemed poised to become Deputy Director, and eventually, Director, if all went as planned.

Gritz was a decorated counterterrorism expert, and a Supervisory Special Agent, who said that the Bureau essentially ‘drummed her out’ of the agency.

The government law enforcement agency claimed that the Supervisory Special Agent had acted improperly. They suggested that she had perpetrated some sort of ‘fraud’ concerning her timecard. They also said that she missed a meeting at 7:15 a.m., and that she sent an email they believed to be ‘unprofessional’ in nature to an ex-boyfriend.

For all these misdeeds, they decided that she should lose her security clearance, and her supervisors pushed her out of the agency.

Gritz, and a number of female FBI agents, came forward, and spoke to Senators, namely Chuck Grassley, with stories of discrimination.

One woman even proclaimed that her supervisor at the Bureau called her ‘emotionally unstable and difficult’ because she complained that her size 40 HazMat suit didn’t fit her.

Another said that she was denied a job, one for which she ranked first out of six applicants under consideration, because her all-male group of supervisors claimed she was “emotionally fragile.” The only evidence they provided that she was ‘emotionally fragile’ was her recent divorce.

In 2014, when the FBI was working to quickly rid itself of Gritz for seemingly superficial reasons, it was Mike Flynn who wrote a letter, on Pentagon stationary, supporting her case against McCabe.

In 2015, he even went so far as to give a public interview on her case, and to offer to testify on her behalf in front of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

The FBI’s response, rather than to review the way that they had treated a supervisory agent for extremely minor infractions, was to ask a federal administrative judge in May, 2014, to prevent people like Flynn and others from testifying in front of the EEOC.

Frankly, this all brings to mind the days shortly after the FBI’s founding under J. Edgar Hoover. At the time, the organization was mostly engaged in tracking down gangsters and bootleggers.

However, as their power grew, Hoover and his ‘G-Men’ quickly became known for using their power to go after criminals and political rivals alike. Eventually, Hoover even used his power as the Director of the agency to harass people he simply didn’t like, or who had a grievance with him.

So, nearly fifty years after his death, the petty and vindictive nature of the federal law enforcement agency reared its ugly head in a public matter again, when McCabe apparently utilized his power and authority to take aim at someone who dared to stand up against him.

This time, the government official abusing his station just happened to get caught.