FBI Report And Medical Examiner Don’t Match

PUBLISHED: 1:20 AM 30 Jan 2018

FBI Makes Bizarre Claims In Russian Media Mogul’s Death

This death was suspicious from the beginning.

The FBI has a story about this death but it is unbelievable.

When we talk about Russian media, the name Mikhail Lesin is sure to come up. He was one of the most influential players in the mass media in Russia until his death. A recent report from the FBI is filled with bizarre claims about what happened to the media mogul.

Because of his central role in the media for the Russian government and his founding role in Russia Today (RT), Lesin was a pivotal point in a great deal of scandal. His untimely death in November of 2015 only fueled the fire.

When he was found dead in a Washington DC hotel room in November 2015, the press shared it was due to a heart attack. It seemed the death would quietly leave the front page as it was explained away via natural causes.

The only problem with him dying of a heart attack was what this explanation left out. Years after the death, the FBI released an autopsy report that listed pages of injuries inflicted on the body.

It is fundamental common sense to assume that the injuries signaled two things. First, there was more at play than a simple heart attack. Second, there was someone else involved given the laundry list of injuries all over the body.

The autopsy was finished within months of the 2015 death. The FBI did not release the full report into Lesin’s death until this weekend.

There is no official word as to why the reports were released in this manner. The only thing the FBI did say in regards to the death was that the injuries were self-inflicted.

According to the FBI, Lesin was able to give himself some many blunt force injuries that he ended his own life. There was also speculation that this happened during a drunken rampage.

Let that sink in for a moment. The autopsy shows countless injuries to his torso, body, neck, and extremities. The FBI wants you to believe he did these all on his own.

According to the report:

“Mr. Lesin died as a result of blunt for injuries to his head, with contributing causes being blunt force injuries of the neck, torso, upper extremities, and lower extremities, which were induced by falls, with acute ethanol intoxication.”

So if we are to blindly believe what the report says, Lesin was so drunk he was able to fall over and over again without it slowing him down. At some point falling that many times and the resulting injuries led him to fall one more time when he suffered a blunt force injury to his head.

Lesin would have been so drunk he was falling over but not drunk enough not to be able to get right back up to fall again. On the one hand, this means he was physically able to get back up but not able to avoid falling. This makes little to no sense.

The report makes no mention of the heart attack that was first reported as causing the death. That part of the story seemed just to disappear.

While there are many details about this cause of death that seem to be unbelievable, the most telling part of the new report is what is missing. The released copies of the story are primarily censored and show no details about where each injury was.

The details about the injuries are blocked in a way that seems to hide the real picture. Some point to the fact that the injuries may be too graphic to share, but this type of information is regularly shared on medical reports.

Others see the delay of the report and then a primarily hidden outcome as being a sign of a bigger conspiracy. Lesin was far too involved in the evolving story out of Russia to have this type of blunt force trauma explained as being self-inflicted.

The views of the self-inflicted explanation would change perhaps if there were actual medical details to explain how this could happen. The further information being hidden points to the fact that something just does not add up in this case.

This is also not the only part of the story that does not add up. There are many that point to the fact that Lesin seemed to live well beyond his means.

Even though he was a vital part of the Russian media, his wealth and holdings in Europe seemed well beyond any of his reasonable salary ranges. Could this be a link to something more sinister going on?

Lesin is also somewhat of a mystery to many within the United States as they try to figure out how such an essential part of the Russian media ended up dead in a Washington DC hotel room. Given his links to both the Russian government and big business in Russia, does this not come with a certain level of protection and security?

The release of the FBI report about the Lesin case should have tied up loose ends for the story. In this case, it seems to bring up more questions, a whole lot of confusion and a dose of conspiracy theories.