Women Details Crimes

PUBLISHED: 6:17 PM 12 Apr 2018

FBI Launches Investigation After Woman Details Crime Spree To Journalist

She claims that she and her partner victimized about 100 men.

A confession triggers the FBI to investigate a crime spree tied to murder and theft across multiple states.

Online dating is an excellent place for many to find love. It can also lead to some interesting stories as hopeful singles link up with more than a few toads before they discover that one prince. While most assume the person on the other end of the app is also looking for love, this is not always the case. Sometimes the person answering that well-planned ad is not a potential date, but instead a predator.

This was the case with a couple that used online dating services and apps to find potential victims. It seems the pair traveled across several states to arrange dates with men. Dominique Berry recently bragged about victimizing at least 100 men with her partner, Randy Schenck. Berry posed as a woman looking for love and the would drug and rob her suitors. In at least one case, this scam ended in murder. Berry sharing details about the crime spree has caught the attention of the FBI.

The story behind this crime spree was broken by the Huffington Post. They were given the exclusive confession from Berry. In this case, Schenck denies the crimes.

After the story broke, it was revealed that there is a new federal investigation now underway. The FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s Office are looking into the possible murder and thefts.

Berry and Schenck are currently in jail tied to an incident in Georgia.

The scam, in this case, was extremely simple. Berry used a fake profile to connect with men on dating apps or adult websites that connected users for sex.

While Berry posed as a potential date or sex partner, Schenck entered the scene as her Uber driver.

Schenck dropped off Berry at each date with drugs in hand. According to Berry, the drugs were a cocktail of prescriptions that Schenck acquired.

Berry drugged the men by adding the mixture to their drinks.

Once the victim was drugged, Schenck joined Berry at the scene. The two robbed the date and made off with anything they could grab quickly.

Their average haul included cash, jewelry, credit cards, and even the victim’s car. The cars were delivered to a local chop shop to be dismantled for parts.

Berry and Schenck were very comfortable working as a team. Berry has a long history of working as a prostitute in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana. Schenck has been arrested for being her pimp.

It appears that the scam dates back to 2015 with the attack of a pair of British tourists. At that time, Berry made the mistake of leaving her coat and wallet at the scene of the crime.

She was arrested soon after the robbery but quickly made bail. She then failed to appear in court to answer these charges, so there was an active warrant for her arrest.

After getting arrested locally, the pair expanded their target area. To stay one step ahead of the police, the couple traveled between California, Arizona, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Georgia, and Tennessee.

It seems that in many cases the crimes went unreported due to a variety of reasons. One major reason could be tied to the fact that many of the websites offered sex with “no strings attached.” It might have been too embarrassing for the men to report that they used a site like that.

Another reason this type of crime was more than likely not reported is the fact that the men may have not fully known what occurred until after waking up from being drugged. By the time they were able to recover from being drugged, the pair was long gone.

It is also not clear if the men even realized there were two people involved in the theft. The idea that they were somehow overpowered and tricked by a woman may have kept more than a few men from calling the police.

For the men who were drugged and survived, the theft could be chalked up as just another horrible dating story. The more significant issue is that in at least one of the cases, the victim did not wake up.

Shawn Arthur was 40-years-old when he met Berry online. They arranged to meet up for a date, and everything appeared to be legitimate. Berry was determined to be the last person to see Arthur alive.

Arthur was found dead in his apartment in February 2017. Local authorities ruled the death as being “accidental” even though many questioned evidence found at the scene.

Arthur’s family pointed to the fact that the apartment where the body was found showed signs of a robbery. Large electronics were missing and it was apparent that there was someone else in the house at the time of his death.

The body was found with an empty alcohol bottle. The bottle had fingerprints that matched those of Berry all over it.

Because Berry had a lengthy criminal history, this fact should have triggered the authorities to investigate. There is evidence that local authorities pushed for the medical examiner to rule out foul play.

The details exposed by the Huffington Post are the first step in getting the real answer about what happened to Arthur. His family is continuing to push for a full investigation.