FBI Cooked Books?

PUBLISHED: 9:23 PM 20 Sep 2018
UPDATED: 10:11 PM 20 Sep 2018

FBI Kept Second Set Of Records For Obfuscation

According to investigative reporter Sara Carter, the FBI had a separate set of records concerning 'Spygate,' which they maintained for appearances.

Allegedly, the FBI kept a second set of records concerning Spygate, perhaps hoping to cover their tracks.

The investigation into ‘Spygate’ has continued, somewhat ignored by a media that has pushed stories like the claim against Brett Kavanaugh instead. However, for conservatives, libertarians, and anyone concerned with the possible abuse of government ‘alphabet soup’ organizations for entirely political purposes, the ongoing investigation into the debacle is important.

The Sean Hannity show has been providing updates on the investigations into the spying incident, and yesterday, they manage to score an interview that provided information which could be very interesting. According to an investigative reporter, the Federal Bureau of Investigation had kept two separate sets of documents concerning the ‘spygate’ investigations; one they turned over for ‘appearances’, and another that they used for operating.

Sara Carter went on the Sean Hannity radio show yesterday, in order to discuss the newest things she had discovered about the case.

While there, she dropped a bombshell, and told Hannity, the famed conservative talk show host, that according to her research and investigations, the higher ranks of the FBI had two sets of documents pertaining to a number of their probes into the Donald Trump campaign.

The talkshow host asked her if she had heard stories that the Bureau and its high-ranking members had created “two sets of records,” one real, and the other designed to keep up appearances.

According to Carter, there are a number of sources that corroborate this account, and there is even evidence that indicates that there are a strange pair of record sets surrounding spygate.

Furthermore, his guest explained that there were indications that the elites in the FBI were well aware of this strange set of documents.

Carter said that she would not release the names of the people implicated until all of the evidence was out in the open, but that there were certain people involved.

She also indicated that they were higher in rank than Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, the pair who so openly discussed their hatred for President Donald J. Trump, as well as their desire to undermine his ability to successfully lead.

The investigative reporter even suggested that there were people inside of the agency who had turned on their bosses and employers, and who were possibly testifying and telling the Inspector General about the goings-on at the agency.

Sara Carter also suggested that there could be a grand jury in the mix, who could even be hearing this testimony.

In the interview, she suggested that there were “quite a few people” who were aware of this strange and duplicitous practice.

The ‘Spygate’ scandal revolved around the Christopher Steele Dossier, which was paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democrat Party in order to provide attack material against the Donald Trump campaign.

Somehow, that document, designed entirely to be a political piece and filled with unsubstantiated claims, wound up being the basis for various wiretapping warrants in front of Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Courts.

With those warrants, the Barack Obama administration, and its various executive agencies, spied on a political rival in the midst of a high-stakes campaign.

This isn’t the first time that someone has suggested that high-ranking government employees hid documentation in order to target various people for political purposes.

Lois Lerner was accused of similar misconduct, and some wondered if the multiple email accounts she used, only one of which was meant for her use as a government employee conducting official business, were an attempt to hide documentation that would show she purposely sought to target conservative organizations for audits and other government harassment.

If Sarah Carter is correct in her assertion, and there are two sets of documents, that doesn’t speak well of the Barack Obama administration or its Department of Justice.

There is no reason for government officials to manipulate records, or to otherwise ‘doctor the books,’ than to hide illicit activity, or activity that they knew was improper at the time.

If what Carter claimed is true, and is verified, it could provide the first solid evidence that the Obama administration and its executive agencies acted in bad faith to spy on a political rival.

Perhaps that would finally make Americans consider how horrific it is that there are courts, run by the federal government, who can simply approve warrants to spy on American citizens, without ever having to take responsibility for those decisions or have them examined.