Shooter Triggered By Dems

PUBLISHED: 4:57 PM 7 Aug 2019
UPDATED: 5:12 PM 7 Aug 2019

FBI Insider: El Paso Shooter Was Incited By Democrat Debate, Not Trump

Of course, don’t expect this to make headlines if it’s confirmed, because it points to the REAL instigators of violence in America: the left.

Democrats were responsible for the El Paso shooter?

According to former FBI Agent Steve Hooper, the El Paso shooter (whose name will not be posted) admitted that he carried out the attack because of something democrats did, not President Trump.

While speaking with radio host Mike Broomhead on his KFYI 550 AM 6-10AM morning show, the 30-year veteran of the Agency reported that during interviews with the shooter, he admitted that he decided to carry out the attack after he saw all democrats raise their hands in support of taxpayer funded ‘health insurance’ for all illegal invaders.

So, essentially, it was NOT any rhetoric from President Trump that pushed this sick individual to kill others… it was the sick desires of democrats.

You can listen to the radio program below:

Steve Hooper:

“When the most recent debate when they all said free healthcare, they all raised their hands.

“That’s what pushed him over the edge. He felt he was justified. He felt he ran out of alternatives.”

When considering that it is liberal policies that prevent a free exchange of ideas…

liberal policies that tell all young white men that they are the cause of every evil in the history if the world…

liberal policies that forbid natural aggressions to be expressed as small children…

liberal policies that indoctrinate young people into the lie of climate change (this shooter wanted to decrease the earth’s population to help save it)…

liberal policies that foment hatred and violence…

liberal media that continues to provoke and encourage attacks as forms of ‘protest’…

and liberal policies that want to remove the right to self-defense… many Americans feel defeated.