PUBLISHED: 7:16 PM 15 Dec 2016

FBI Field Office Delivers Response On Hillary’s Foundation: Charges Headed Her Way


They’re After Her!

Getting investigated by the FBI is something that nobody ever wants to have thrust upon them. If the FBI shows up to talk, they already have the information they need. The investigate, gather evidence, and then come confront you so see if you will lie.

Our old friend Hillary Clinton had the unique distinction of being investigated by the FBI twice while attempting to win a presidential election. However, voters were probably not thrilled with that. As we all know, Donald Trump ended up winning the presidential election, despite the protests of the Democrats.

So what does that mean for the FBI investigation into Hillary’s, well “charity?” After all, that was what the FBI was investigating. They were looking into issues that concern corruption and money laundering from the Clinton Foundation. I’ll put money on it that Hillary was hoping the FBI was just going to forget about the investigation.

Despite what she was hoping, the New York field office of the FBI has been instructed to CONTINUE their corruption investigation. According to one former senior law enforcement official, other officials located at the FBI headquarters were the ones to instruct that the investigation continue.

Again, the instructions were crystal clear. They ordered agents to “go forward” with the ongoing investigation into the Clinton Foundation. They are trying to focus on issues of corruption and money laundering. These are serious crimes and Hillary needs to pay for what she has done.


They’re Continuing The Investigation

If the FBI were just going to let her off the hook for the simple fact that she lost the election, then it wouldn’t set a good example for others that think they can get away with something similar.

“There were no instructions to shut it down, to discontinue or to stand down on the investigation, but to continue its work.” That was the statement that the former official gave in an interview with the Daily Caller News Foundation. This is something that Hillary most likely doesn’t want to hear. Then again, it’s a great example for our children. If you break the law like she does, you’re going to have the FBI investigating you for a long time!

The official said that he received this information about a week ago and that the order originally came from the headquarters of the FBI. It should also be noted that this came well after the November 8 election. Which means that they were not going to let up on this in the slightest.

This was the same source that broke the news that the FBI was conducting a multi-city probe of the foundation in at least five different cities. These are agents that are working hard to get justice.

A November 21st interview with the New York Times had Trump saying, “I don’t want to hurt the Clintons, I really don’t.”

However that didn’t mean that he was going to rule out a continuing probe of the foundation. He said, “we’ll have people that do things,” on the foundation. The Times wrote was, “perhaps a reference to the F.B.I or Republicans who might continue to press for prosecutions in the email or foundation cases.”

Will Trump Hold the Line Against the Insurgent Left?

Trump Mentioned Going After Hillary And Her Corruptness

For those of you that are hoping that Trump is going to stop the investigation, don’t hold your breath. It’s rare for a president to stop an FBI investigation. Several reasons for that include foregoing a lot of political risks and can even expose them to charges of interfering or politicizing law enforcement activities.

The Clinton Foundation started in Arkansas but quickly blew up to operate in New York City. What sparked the FBI investigation was secret recordings of suspects in Los Angeles that were involved in money laundering activities who had mentioned the Clinton Foundation, which occurred LAST FEBRUARY.

One source that the FBI constantly goes to is Peter Schweizer. He is the author of the book titled, “Clinton Cash,” which is all about how wealthy people and foreign governments donated to the Clinton Foundation, in an attempt to get personal favors done.

The FBI investigating Hillary is nothing new. After all, the Director of the FBI, James Comey, was involved in several FBI probes into her. He had ended an investigation in July of her email scandal only to reopen it with a little over a week left in the election.

The truth is finally coming out

The Saddest Part Is That Hillary Being Investigated Is Nothing New

The reason that it was reopened was because those same emails were found on a laptop owned by Anthony Weiner. He was married to Clinton aide Huma Abedin. However that case amounted to nothing.

It should also be noted that members of the Obama Justice Department were doing all they could to shut down this investigation. Some senior members were openly skeptical of the case. Thankfully, the department wasn’t able to shut down the FBI activities.

If they were trying hard to shut the case down, it shows that the Justice Department knew something. Why else would they shut it down when there was proof that Hillary took money from wealthy leaders and foreign governments? It’s because they know something is up!

Another interesting thing about the Clinton Foundation is the fact that they were suspected of conducting tax fraud. This wasn’t just any type of tax fraud, like they forgot to list something on their forms. No, this was tax fraud on a MASSIVE scale. Cheating on your taxes is another big no-no. It figures that Hillary was involved in something like that.

The Clinton Foundation is such a corrupt organization that it wouldn’t surprise anyone if several of the workers there just went insane. In fact that actually happened, Thanks to WikiLeaks, it was revealed that one of the leaders of the Clinton Foundation was thinking of committing suicide due to all the scandals that were occurring there. It’s one thing to be corrupt, but it’s another thing entirely to almost force a worker to kill themselves!

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