Comey Cover-Up Exposed

PUBLISHED: 12:12 AM 28 Feb 2018

FBI Had Disturbing History Of Sexual Misconduct Under James Comey

Report reveals sexual misconduct was rampant under Comey's leadership.

Comey covered up sexual misconduct.

Sexual misconduct was rampant under former FBI Director James Comey, and there were numerous attempts by senior leadership officials to cover-up allegations.

A new explosive report from the Department of Justice’s Office of the Inspector General exposes how at least 14 employees reported allegations of sexual misconduct since 2014.

When he wasn’t allowing Hillary Clinton to skirt charges, Comey was allowing a culture of sexual abuse and harassment to permeate our nation’s premier law enforcement agency.

Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz‘s report found that in all 14 instances of sexual misconduct, there were ethical violations involving either “members of the Senior Executive Service” or cases involving a “significant public interest.”

That means senior leadership, likely at the behest of Comey, either covered-up allegations or actively sought to silence victims to ensure the bureau suppressed any consequences.

The OIG’s investigative summary states the following:

“… a Special Agent in Charge (SAC), who is no longer an FBI employee, had provided a substantial amount of personal funds to a subordinate with whom he was engaged in an inappropriate romantic relationship.”

The OIG also found that at least three senior officials were engaged in an inappropriate romantic relationship with another individual at the FBI, which violates bureau policy.

The most explosive charge listed in the report states that Comey actively sought to derail the OIG investigation, where he stalled interviews and continuously stated he didn’t have specific recollection of the 14 cases when questioned about them previously.

Horowitz’s report states that extra-marital affairs and allegations of sexual misconduct are detrimental to the FBI, stating that it “undermines its credibility.”

Comey allowing a culture of sexual impropriety poisoned the entire integrity of the bureau, and his efforts to cover-up these allegations for years further proves President Donald Trump had ever right to fire him last May.

Serving former President Barack Obama for years, Comey jeopardized our national security, was an inadequate leader, and allowed sexual misconduct and victim shaming to take place at the bureau for years.

We must continue to drain the swamp of this corruption.

Source: Conservative Institute