PUBLISHED: 8:38 PM 12 Dec 2017
UPDATED: 9:03 PM 12 Dec 2017

BREAKING: FBI Director Skips Congressional Testimony, Committee Furious As Rumors Suggest Evidence

Was McCabe's (pictured) scheduling "error" done on purpose?

Was McCabe’s (pictured) scheduling “error” done on purpose?

Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe is a man who many in Washington D.C. can not wait to hear speak. What he may know is something that the entire staff of the F.B.I. is likely dreading, at least the leadership, as Fox News reports. He was “reportedly scheduled to testify behind closed doors in front of the House Intelligence Committee on Tuesday” but now has had that has been deferred due to a “scheduling error,” the Justice Department has confirmed.

At least part of his testimony is believed to “focus on Peter Strzok’s role in the Hillary Clinton email investigation,” a point of contention for many who have followed the sordid story. As the Conservative Daily Post has revealed, Strzok is the “former deputy to the assistant director at the FBI” who was discharged from special council due to his bias (shown in his texts) against President Donald Trump.

What this man knew about the dossier that was the result an x-British spy named Christopher Steele being hired by Hillary Clinton and the DNC is as yet unknown, but the fact that he is key in the woes which the White House now face, it is something that needs to be known.

People want to answers to how Strzok (pictured looking puzzled) was allowed to go after Trump when he was against him before the start.

This was a routine scheduling error after the dates were switched on an internal email that we are happy to provide the committee,” confessed a Justice Department official. If there is really a paper trail proving that this was just an error, as seems to be the case, it may be the only error that was not done on purpose since Clinton hired Steele!

The FBI regrets the error, and we look forward to making both witnesses (the alleged FBI handler for Christopher Steele and McCabe) available prior to the Christmas recess,” the official also said.

There is ample reason to question this and Fox also reports that “the intelligence committee is suspicious of the purported scheduling error.” So, perhaps that alleged paper trail is paper thin when used as an excuse.  Some have ventured to say that they “believe the schedule issue arose after Fox News’ report Monday night on Department of Justice official Bruce Ohr.”

Fox cites a “congressional source” who said, “McCabe has an Ohr problem.”

Trump has called the attacks him a “witch hunt” and he seems to be quite correct in that assessment.

The same source said that the committee is ready to subpoena “all Justice Department documents and records related to the scheduling debacle.” They are also more than prepared to “subpoena McCabe to compel his testimony later this week.” This is due in part to the concern that McCabe could retire before “various congressional investigators get to him.”

If these are the kinds of sneaky moves that are suspected to happen from McCabe, don’t we all already know a bit about his character? From here, we only have to discover just how tainted it really it.

Sources: Fox News – The Conservative Daily Post