PUBLISHED: 4:25 PM 8 Sep 2016
UPDATED: 8:47 PM 8 Sep 2016

FBI Director Comey Sat On Board That Donated $81M To Hillary (Spread This)

He's Been Helping Hillary Covertly This Entire Time, Now We have Proof

He's Been Helping Hillary Covertly This Entire Time, Now We have Proof

He’s Been Helping Hillary Covertly This Entire Time, Now We have Proof

In July, everyone sadly remembers when FBI Director James Comey held his press conference indicating that he would be recommending no charges be brought against Hillary for using an illegal, secret, unsecured, private email server that was undoubtedly hacked by various foreign governments and hackers.

This month, on the eve of Labor Day weekend, the FBI tried to covertly release their official documents on their investigation into Clinton’s e-mails as if they were hoping people wouldn’t notice. Well, we did; and we are even angrier at the “system” now than we were before. As a reminder, Comey stated in July that “we [the FBI] can’t establish… that she acted with the necessary criminal intent.” The documents released from the FBI paint a much different picture.

FBI documents revealed that Hillary Clinton used not one, but three, private servers while Secretary of State and all were kept in her basement. The FBI determined that ZERO of her e-mails used encryption, and they stated that Clinton’s server was successfully hacked in January of 2013. Comey also revealed that Hillary lost quite a bit of property containing some of our nations top secrets.

Hillary “lost” a laptop, a computer, a thumb drive, 13 Blackberries, and 5 iPads. ALL of which contained top secret materials. Hillary also advised her cronies to destroy cell phones and devices with hammers. Here is CNN regretting they asked someone to fact check these claims:

Think about this yourself. For one, no one could possibly lose that many devices, and two, why would she destroy them with a hammer instead of turning them over to be properly destroyed? Would you destroy your phone with a hammer unless you truly never wanted someone to see what was on it?

Hillary did not “lose” these devices, she destroyed them because it proved she was carrying out illegals deals via email and it showed that her illegal, unsecured email server was linked to all of these devices. So even if she did lose a few devices, she knew that she put our Nations top secrets in grave danger, and she lied to cover her up butt. By the way, it is a felony to not turn over government devices, so add that to her never ending list of felonies.

But wait, there’s more. The FBI also admitted that Hillary used “Bleachbit,” a special tool that completely wipes hard drives and servers, so “even God can’t read them.” Again, is this not a clear violation of the law? The FBI knew ALL of this, yet they chose to let her go free. Why? Because they are protecting her.

The Guardian reported that the Clinton Foundation received $81 million from the HSBC bank.


Director Comey Sat On The Board That Donated $81 Million To Hillary

This is from an official document received from HSBC’s site indicating that James Comey – yes, THAT James Comey – resigned from HSBC’s board of directors in 2013. Odd, so is it possible that Comey recommended no chargers against Hillary Clinton after the banks he was a board director on gave $81 MILLION to Hillary’s Foundation? Coincidence? Think again.

On top of all of that, as damaging as that is, Hillary still chooses to lie. She knows she is guilty, but what is even more sad is she believes the American people will believe her. Clinton argued that the [C] on classified documents didn’t mean “CLASSIFIED” but instead meant that the document’s paragraphs were being ordered alphabetically. She is obviously lying, but if she truly did not know what that symbol meant after 30 years in government, she is too incompetent to run for any political office.

The FBI protected Hillary, and it is possible that Comey did that on his own as well as he was directed by Obama. Several FBI sources argue that they cannot believe Hillary got away with what she did. These sources argue that they have put hundreds of others away for a long time for doing only a fraction of what Hillary has done. She truly is “too big to jail,” apparently.

While the mainstream media and Hillary’s cronies shield her, the American people are not buying this garbage any longer. Recent polls from this week show Trump literally surging in almost every state and every category imaginable. He is winning or tied in the major swing states he will need to win in order to secure the White House. Here is a Reuters polls from this week:


Reuters Polling From Sept 1-8, Things Are Looking Hopeful In State Polling!

CNN also put out a poll this week showing that Donald trump has taken the lead over Hillary Clinton. It probably hurt CNN’s feeling to have to admit this, but the people are choosing the candidate that will bring about the hope and change they want to see. Here’s the CNN poll:


CNN Poll Outright Showing Trump Lading By 2 Points

Our Constitution and Framers wrote the rule of law in a manner that stated it was imperative to deprive a corrupt person of any further opportunity to abuse government power. Whether the official in question was convicted and imprisoned was not the primary justification for impeaching said government official.

Make note, our Constitution does not specifically indicate that the impeached person must be a current officeholder, which Hillary is not. As such, that makes perfect sense: The point of impeachment is to deny power to any person — not necessarily an incumbent official — whose high crimes and misdemeanors have demonstrated unfitness for a high public trust.

So spreading stories proving that she has broken the law – hundreds of times – will benefit the people and will hopefully encourage Congress to continue to bring charges against Clinton, starting with charging her with perjury. Share if you are tired of “too big to jail” politicians that are destroying this country, and if you will be voting for Donald Trump this November! We need your support now more than ever.

Leave us your thoughts below. Should Hillary be forced to end her campaign and face a Judge in a criminal trial?