Feinstein's Folly

PUBLISHED: 7:48 PM 14 Sep 2018
UPDATED: 7:50 PM 14 Sep 2018

FBI Declined To Investigate Claim Against Kavanaugh

Although Feinstein revealed the claim late on in the confirmation process, the FBI declined to investigate, and background checks never turned up any information to support the claim.

The FBI declined to investigate the claims that Feinstein referred to them concerning alleged misconduct in Kavanaugh's past.

The political left’s attempts to undermine the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh has provided Americans across the nation consternation, entertainment, and a look at naked partisanship. It also displayed the depths leftists were willing to plunge to hamper the confirmation of a qualified jurist, simply due to his beliefs.

However, Dianne Feinstein, a democrat Senator from California, showed precisely how low she would go, with a cryptic statement about a note that she referred to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, concerning the United States Supreme Court nominee. In an interesting twist, the FBI read the note and declined to even investigate the allegations it contained.

They responded to the secret ‘#MeToo’ claim, which democrats alleged made Kavanaugh ‘unfit’ to be a member of the SCOTUS, by treating it as it deserved… with scorn.

On Thursday, Senator Feinstein made a brief statement, saying that she handed over ‘information’ about Brett Kavanaugh to the FBI.

Allegedly, the letter contained claims of sexual misconduct involving the 53-year-old nominee when he was high school, according to a source familiar with the letter.

Although leftists talked about the letter as if it contained serious and credible claims, when it was handed off to the Bureau, the agency outright refused to investigate.

According to the agency, the allegations in the letter (if they were even within the statute of limitations) were

This letter was just the latest of a long number of tricks and tactics that the left turned to in an attempt to derail the nomination of a second President Donald Trump candidate to the Supreme Court. The Trump White House decried the alleged letter as a desperate campaign to defame a talented and qualified legal mind.

During the Senate confirmation hearings, democrats have continued to throw strange and loaded questions at the candidate, even prompting Ruth Bader Ginsburg to remonstrate the tactics.

Early on in the hearings, leftists and protesters simply utilized interruptions, coupled with demands to adjourn the hearings and complaints about whether or not certain documents had been released from executive privilege to the committee (and in some cases, the public).

Eventually, that led to some democrats, like Cory Booker, simply grandstanding in front of the cameras, making claims about a fictionalized ‘Spartacus’ moment.

As the hearings dragged on, however, the left started making more absurd claims or assertions, often without any backing evidence.

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, a democrat from Rhode Island, submitted questions to Kavanaugh, in writing, asking if he had ever reported a gambling loss to the Internal Revenue Service, and whether he had ever sought treatment for a gambling addiction.

When pressed for a source or evidence for his claims, Whitehouse said that all of the questions the democrats brought forward were “predicated on documents” given to the committee, information transmitted to the group by law enforcement, or media investigations.

Democrats first learned of this ‘letter’ on Wednesday night, at a last minute meeting.

Allegedly, the letter had been relayed to Dianne Feinstein, the top leftist on the Senate Judiciary Committee, by Anna G. Eshoo, a democrat Congresswoman from California.

In a statement, Feinstein said that the individual who wrote the letter “strongly” requested their anonymity be respected, and declined to come forward or to press the matter.

Sources said that even some democrat politicians questioned the substance of the letter.

The White House immediately pointed out that it certainly seemed like a smear attempt.

After all, as the White House stated, Judge Kavanaugh has had 65 meetings with Senators (including Feinstein), sat for 30 hours of testimony, answered more than 2,000 questions, and even addressed other questions in a private setting.

Trump administration spokesman Kerri Kupec pointed out that at no point, until the “eve of his confirmation,” did any leftist politician mention this ‘new’ information about Kavanaugh.

Kupec also noted that the FBI had repeatedly vetted the nominee, due to the jobs he has performed both in the White House and elsewhere.

The FBI did not launch an investigation, though; they simply passed the material on to the White House, as an update to Kavanaugh’s background check, which was already performed.

The New York Times released the details of the letter, which claimed that Kavanaugh and a friend took advantage of a woman at a high school party.

Senator Chuck Grassley, however, released a letter sent to him by 65 women who knew the judge in high school, and who said that the entire time that they knew him, “he has behaved honorably and treated women with respect.”

Absent any other evidence, a letter filled with claims of misconduct 35-years-old is not a convincing reason to halt the confirmation of, or vote against, a man who has handled himself well during the process.

It appears to be yet another leftist scheme to derail the hearings, one that is blunted by the fact that, though ‘sources’ close the woman who allegedly wrote a letter that claimed to have repeatedly informed Congress about the allegations, no investigation or background check turned up any wrongdoing.

Given the tone and tenor of the hearings, it simply seems like a last-ditch, hail-Mary effort to keep Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court.