FBI Confirms Existence Of Jihadist Camps

PUBLISHED: 11:49 PM 2 Feb 2018
UPDATED: 11:54 PM 2 Feb 2018

FBI Confirms Report, Muslim Group Has Training Compound Across North America

The Clarion Project uncovered this and now it has been confirmed.

The FBI has now confirmed a report from 2009 that shows that terrorist were operating communes under Obama. How could Obama get away with this?

Extremely troubling news has begun to surface that should raise alarm within every American.  The concept of foreign soldiers training and opening camps on United States territory is something that one would consider a conspiracy theory but now not so much.

In 2012, the Federal Bureau of Investigation delivered intelligence to then president Obama that jihad camps, villages, and training were being carried out on American soil. His response? Nothing. The Clarion Project has uncovered the truth.

Rather than foreign states with legitimate governments and populations setting up shop on American soil, terrorists from jihadists gangs are establishing their own communities. The FBI is now warning that Muslim extremists are establishing training communes in order to protect their ideology and train killers.

The depth and magnitude of these camps are not yet known as reports are only recently beginning to surface.  All that is known is that members of the Muslims of America (MOA) are buying quantities of land and building their own communities on them in New York. At least 22 have been cataloged.

The communities include trailers, guard posts, mosque, and other camp features.  Women and children are there as well because the majority of members are converts from prison and want their families there with them.

Reports are also showing that there is legitimate training as well as indoctrination taking place inside these communes.  Repelling, live-fire exercises, weapons training, hand-to-hand combat training, and tactics.  These kinds of exercises should truly only be practiced by the state, let alone rogue paramilitary organizations.

Imagine for a moment if a few southern boys decided that they were sick and tired of the Common Core that was being taught in school.  Instead of using their local politician to champion their cause, they instead decided to use their land to teach their ways to children and others.

The first thought is that “wow, that’s insanely radical and should probably be stopped.” It is only natural to not want a paramilitary operation to take up arms within the sovereign territory of a state.  Why would one group be allowed to do it and not the other?

That is why this is concerning is not because I am worried about my ability to basically raise a militia, but rather that the institutions in place to stop operations like this are not doing their job.  Do we live in a day and age where any American is subject to constitutional violations when it comes to spying and yet these kinds of compounds are in existence?

Where is the FBI or the Department of Homeland Security when it comes to dangerous operations like the ones described above?  Surely there must be a way to stop radical extremists from purchasing land, let alone turning it into a military compound.

Foreign agents should not be allowed to conduct their own style of community within the United States.  This has nothing to do with the homeschooling going on within in the compound as Americans are rewarded the right to teach their children how they see fit, teaching the children hand-to-hand combat, however, is troubling, to say the least.

This kind of news is extremely troubling because it represents the growing fear in every American’s head “will I be killed by a jihadist?”  Ever since 9/11, Americans have had to ask themselves this difficult question without much reassurance that they will not be killed.

More and more terrorists are looking to exploit the loopholes found within our legal and immigration system.  Jihadists are the most determined people on the planet because they have been convinced without a doubt that they will inherit the earth.  Their will is strong and otherwise is complicit or uneducated in the ways of jihad or taqiyyah.

There is a very real and dangerous war taking place across the globe. A world war that has been raging since the creation of Islam some 1400 years ago.  Muslims want to rule the world and have under their law and domination, it is in the Quran and the hearts of devouring Muslims across the globe.

If camps like these are being built in the United States with the use of refugee camps then this should be extremely worrying to those across the Atlantic who now find themselves at the mercy of their guests.

Nations will not be able to withstand the rage of the jihad if our states refuse to take action against these religious shams.  Islam is a style of government using the disguise of a religion to excuse their behavior.

Shut down the camps and investigate the mosques seeking to spread the goal of Sharia through violent means.