More Strzok-Page Corruption Uncovered

PUBLISHED: 6:03 PM 8 Feb 2018

FBI Changed Hillary’s Exoneration Letter To Protect Obama

Strzok spoke about altering FBI documents so Obama wasn't specifically named.

More Obama and Clinton corruption uncovered.

Peter Strzok changed former FBI Director James Comey’s exoneration letter for Hillary Clinton to shield former President Barack Obama from being implicated in the scheme.

Newly released text messages from the rogue agents indicate Strzok and Lisa Page worked fiercely to distance Obama from the former secretary of state’s email scandal.

Strzok, who is still employed at the FBI, was fired last summer by special counsel Robert Mueller. An internal query revealed he had been sending thousands of anti-Trump text messages to Page, a top lawyer at the FBI with whom he was having an affair.

In a text message dated June 30, 2016, Strzok spoke about changing the language in Comey’s original draft statement exonerating Clinton.

He wrote to Page indicating they changed the word “president” to “another senior government official.”

A screenshot of the text message was uploaded to Twitter by Lisa Mei Crowley.

The second photo uploaded by Crowley shows how Comey’s original draft statement was different from his final version that was used, which removed any mention of Obama.

Strzok was also involved in altering Comey’s statement that described Clinton’s handling of her private email server as “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless.”

By altering the phrasing, Strzok shielded Clinton from criminal charges.

So Strzok single-handily removed Obama’s name from Comey’s draft statement and changed the wording to ensure Clinton skirted criminal consequences for her negligent actions.

As Congress continues to release text messages between Page and Strzok, we see these two rogue agents abused their power to accelerate the Russia investigation and spoke about trying to derail Trump’s presidency.

They broke the law on numerous occasions, acted corruptly, and abused their power to shield Obama and Clinton from criminal charges.

Many would agree Page and Strzok should be held accountable and should be charged for their actions.

Source: The Gateway Pundit