PUBLISHED: 7:41 PM 10 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 10:02 PM 10 Jan 2018

FBI Bemoans Fourth Amendment, Claims “Urgent Public Safety” Requires Big Brother Solution

Wray (pictured) is complaining that Americans cherish their 4th Amendment more than his promises of safety.

Wray (pictured) is complaining that Americans cherish their 4th Amendment more than his promises of safety.

The government never misses a chance to try and get us to forsake our rights for the promise of added safety. The same F.B.I. that has lost the trust and faith of the American people over their biased treatment of President Donald Trump (and who supported the Patriot Act) are out now once again trying to convince us that our 4th Amendment doesn’t really matter.

The safety that they promise never comes, of course, only more oversight and the like, as the founders had warned would be the case over 200 years ago. Since law enforcement is having trouble cracking modern encryption and bemoaning about it, FBI Director Christopher Wray is trying to scare up support for forsaking our rights by calling such encryption an “urgent public safety issue,” Yahoo News reports.

For starters, have they never heard of a warrant? The Constitution allows for such intrusions only with one.

Snowden (pictured) gave up the whole life that he had known to warn us about the government and the importance of encryption.

Second of all, who in America today can really trust the F.B.I. after the way that they have ignored all facts and pursued President Donald Trump as if there was real merit for doing so (there isn’t, lefties)? Do we really want such dishonest people in our phones, laptops, and other devices?

The F.B.I. “was unable to access data from nearly 7,800 devices in the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30,” but that is only wonderful news for those who care about their basic rights. In some cases, they did have “the legal authority” to crack them, but even still, this is their excuse for eliminating the encryption for all of us. Once a device is cracked, the government can do it on all similar devices.

This is an urgent public safety issue,” griped Wray. He did admit that how to solve the problem is “not so clear-cut.”

The 4th Amendment matters and must be protected.

The Director also said, “We face an enormous and increasing number of cases that rely heavily, if not exclusively, on electronic evidence.” This may be true, but we must also call to mind that many of the cases that are legal to pursue are really an affront to our 4th Amendment, to begin with. The F.B.I. has no business invading 70,000 plus devices.

It should not be expected that everyone should give up encryption and privacy just because evil exists in the world. Evil won’t be leaving our planet anytime soon. Meanwhile, security is also of importance, a fact that Wray and those of his ilk often overlook.

Thanks to Edward Snowden and those like him, we the people know exactly what happens when we give up the keys to door to the F.B.I. and other government spooks.

That is why, regardless of if Wray or anyone else likes it, encryption is perhaps our best protection…from them!

Source: Yahoo News