PUBLISHED: 10:31 PM 28 Nov 2017

Father’s Landmark Appeal Denied, Court Says Children Must Be Exposed To LGBTQ Indoctrination

Despite passionate argument, the landmark case of a father in Ontario, Canada, has been decided. The court has ruled that gender fluidity indoctrination is mandatory regardless of religious beliefs.

Despite passionate argument, the landmark case of a father in Ontario, Canada, has been decided. The court has ruled that gender fluidity indoctrination is mandatory regardless of religious beliefs.

The battle to indoctrinate children towards the liberal ideologies of open borders, gender as a spectrum, and others has been in the forefront of liberal educator’s agendas for decades now.  Many have become weary of what is being taught to their children in school and feel as though they, the parents, should have some right to control what their children are told.

Now a dentist from Ontario has lost a massive suit that he launched against the school board for that tried to give the parents of children more power over what their children learn in school.

The judges ultimately dismissed the case of Steve Tourloukis for failing to provide hard evidence that what was being taught in school was undermining his ability to teach his children about their religion.  Tourloukis was ultimately wanting the board and school to provide a notice for when progressive teachings were being taught so that he could pull his children from class.  The board at first responded by saying that there is too much progressive material throughout the entire curriculum to let him pull his children out.

A heads up and warning is all that Tourloukis is asking for that would have given him the ability to pull his children from questionable material like the one above where a transgender “educator” dressed as what can only be described as a demon tells kids all about the joys of transgenderism.

Tourloukis simply wanted to be able to teach his children about certain grey areas of life on his own as opposed to the judgments and ridicule that many in public schools can have for devour members of Christian denominations.  He thought that by teaching his children about the glories of homosexuality, the school was undermining his ability to teach his children about their Greek Orthodox faith in which homosexuality is a sin.

By taking away his right to inform his children, Toruloukis felt the school had betrayed the agreements in the Canadian Education Act.

The main argument stems from Tourloukis’ desire to steer his children away from “false teachings,” a notion that seems outdated but is still in extreme use by many religions around North America and the world.  This is to say that if Muslims and Greek Orthodox followers find homosexuality is a sin and someone else tells them it is not, it can be considered a false teaching because it is not sanctioned by the church or mosque.  By going around the parents and filling kids heads up with sexual and promiscuous ideas, many feel as though their children are being stolen away from their faith under their very nose.

Material like this ensures that the progressive ideologies of liberalism and progressivism encompass every area of learning for chidlren, from history and language arts to science and math, there’s sure to be a lesson that invovles LGBTQ propganda in some way.

The fact of the matter is that there are certain areas of life that are, and appear to always will be, grey areas.  These areas include, but are not limited to, homosexuality, abortion, the death penalty, immigration, and so many others that parents want to have some say in their child’s life.  Many just want to teach their children about their culture and history without getting them isolated from their peers or ridiculed for their faiths.

Instead of trying to tell kids the answers to grey areas, schools should instead give students the tools they need to make their own decisions, rather than trying to force their own answer down their throat.

Many in Canada feel as though they are losing control of their schools, and with that their children, to the liberal and progressive policies that are systematically changing the way of life for many Canadians.  Parents are now faced with the decision to let their faith go and allow their children to be taught things that really have no place in school or stand against the bureaucratic and legal nightmare that has taken over the Canadian Education System.

Tourloukis took a stand for what he believed in and that should be honored but instead his children will likely face backlash from Canadian educators for years to come.

Steve Tourloukis, left, and his attorney Albertos Polizogopoulos, right, were eager to get their chance to make their voices heard but were ultimately rejected in their attempts to keep what has become the progressive religion away from their children.

This issue comes down to parents having the right to educate their children the way they want to.  Nobody wants their child learning something in school that is controversial or could cause distancing from the family unit, but these things happen.  However, parents should retain the right to either pull their student from an education system that no longer looks to educate but rather indoctrinate with principles and figures that are not only inconclusive but also misleading.

To flip this around, imagine making a devout Muslim take his children to a school where homosexuality was not only openly practiced, but also encouraged.  This would infuriate the Muslim as it would be teaching his children ways that their religion would find detestable. The same can be applied here.  If someone does not want their child learning about a way of life in the same way they do not want their child learning of other religions, parents should retain that right.