Father-Son Officers Face Death

PUBLISHED: 11:51 PM 26 Jan 2018

Father-Son Police Officers Face Nightmare, Coworkers Begged For Prayers

This father couldn’t believe it when he got news of his son’s conditions.

These officers didn't just work together, they were father and son.

Like father, like son.” We hear those words often, but at no time in recent memory has it meant more than today for one family in Detroit. A tragedy has played out there which has left the whole community in sorrow and it will be quite awhile before anyone forgets about it.

An officer was shot in the head, MSN News confirms, and  “the flurry of scanner traffic Wednesday” regarding it had one message that is said to have stood out: “Please pray for my son.” Officer Glenn Doss and his son are a team and both serve on the force. The young man’s dad wrote “My son is an officer in #7 and he has been shot in the head, I am trying to get to the hospital,” everyone knew what it meant.

Worst of all, the younger Doss was only a rookie. “I’d like everyone to please pray for my son, he’s only been on the job for two years. Please pray for my son,” his father also wrote.

The man’s 25-year-old son, also named Glenn, was shot as he responded to a domestic violence dispute. As of today, he is in critical condition at the Detroit Receiving Hospital.

We’ve been here so many times before, standing in the same spot. It reminds us of the work officers [sic] do day in and day out and the sacrifices they and their family make as we have to uphold us as a team, as a Detroit police department, as a city, but certainly a family of injured officers,” said 1st Assistant Chief LaShinda Stair.

On Wednesday, near 10:40 p.m., officers were sent to a dwelling “in the 5500 block of McDougall.” The 43-year-old man who placed the call for help is thought to be the man who shot officer Doss. He had called admitting, oddly enough, that he had just “assaulted his wife.

As police were en route to the home, a second call came in from a woman who said that shots had been fired. Cops saw a man hanging out of a window when they did arrive, and he appeared to be armed.

Next thing they know, they see the muzzle flash, hear the gunfire,” admitted Stair during a press conference. That was the grim moment when officers understood that Doss had been hit.

A scout car looked over and noticed that his partner had been injured. He called out to let everyone know that indeed we had an officer who had been shot,” Stair added. It has been revealed that the officer drove his partner directly to the hospital, so care was not put off as the enraged husband was shooting. This detail may yet prove to have saved the wounded officer’s life.

Per his wife, he has two or three weapons in his home,” said radio chatter. The officers had managed to get the shooter’s wife and children out of the house, leaving only the culprit and dog inside.

One officer was able to give a progress report on the fallen man. He said, “Everyone is doing a great job, we got him at the hospital.”

Prayers are coming from all of us in the station center and those on the road, sir,” consoled another officer.

This is a senseless tragedy that has shaken the entire law enforcement community and the citizens of our great city,” stated Mark Diaz, president of the Detroit police union.

Feeling that the whole situation was handled badly, he added, “There are so many variables we can point to right now to say what could’ve prevented what happened last night to our dear friend and colleague. Right now, we will address the DPD leadership in a non-public forum and ask everyone to join us in focusing all thoughts and prayers on Glenn and his family.

Police Chief James Craig and others blame “inadequate care for people with mental illness.

When are we going to realize? We need to do more?” he asked.

Considering the pill dispensary that our mental health system has become and the dreadful screed found within the DSM (a medical diagnosis book for mental illness which is heavily flawed), doing “more” may only create more addicts with odd behaviors. Also, instances where blind rage is to blame, the cause may not have even been a mental condition to start with.

All of this theorizing won’t help officer Doss much, but hopefully, the doctors and medical staff can. After all that he has given at the very start of his career, that is certainly something that everyone is praying for.

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