Time Photo Lie

PUBLISHED: 5:02 PM 22 Jun 2018

Father, Honduran Government Undermine Crisis Image Claim

The father said that the child was never removed from her mother's care, and that they left without informing him on June 3.

The father of the Honduran child who became the face of illegal immigrant child separation in the media stated that his child was never separated from her mother, and the Honduran government concurred.

The media spent the last few weeks in an all-out feeding frenzy, looking for any story that they could find to push their leftist immigration agenda, and cover up the bombshell illegal behavior of the deep state. Time Magazine made a crying illegal immigrant child the ‘face’ of the illegal alien separation issue. A 2-year-old Honduran child, clad in a pink jacket and jean capris, screaming near a United States Border Patrol vehicle.

There’s only one problem; that child was NOT separated from her mom by the ‘evil’ United States government and Donald Trump. According to the Honduran child’s father, the mother kidnapped the girl, paid a coyote $6000 to bring them up, and the father had no word of them until he saw them on television. He was actually thankful that the child was ‘safe’ in border control custody and wants her home!

Yanela, the small child who became the face of children separated from their parents, and her mother, Sandra Sanchez, were caught illegally crossing the border.

The photo, which has made the rounds on the news, and even been used on Facebook to raise million, was taken by John Moore, a photographer for Getty, close to midnight, June 12, near McAllen, Texas. It is now on the cover of Time Magazine.

The mother and child were part of a group of people who illegally crossed the border by taking a raft across the Rio Grande.

However, Denis Javier Varela Hernandez, the father of the child and the husband of Mrs. Sanchez, says that at no point where the pair ever separated by US agents.

It’s not just his account that says they were kept together, however. The deputy foreign minister from Honduras, Nelly Jerez, confirmed that the pair were never separated.

Hernandez, who works as a captain at a port on the coast of Puerto Cortes, where he and his wife lived, said that he had been contacted by phone and told that his wife and child were being held in a detention center in Texas, and that they were together.

Other than being detained, they were doing fine.

He said that he believed his wife set out looking for ‘political asylum,’ and that she left without telling him where she was going on June 3, at 6 a.m.

His wife didn’t tell him her plan, and she took their youngest child without even giving him the chance to say goodbye.

Still, he says that he hopes they are either granted the political asylum she sought or that they are returned home.

According to accounts from friends, it appears that Mrs. Sanchez spent $6,000 on a coyote, a person who smuggles illegal immigrants across borders.

He said that his wife had repeatedly talked about crossing into the United States in order to find a ‘better future,’ but he didn’t support her or the plan to cross the border illegally.

Perhaps most importantly, Mr. Hernandez said that he hopes the photo, which managed to raise more than million for the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES), a Texas non-profit the provides legal defense to illegal immigrants and those claiming asylum, will help him reunite with his daughter.

He says he’s not interested in money, and just wants Yanela Denis back.

Hernandez also said that if she wanted to come back, he would welcome his wife with open arms, and hoped that they were treating his ‘queen’ and his daughter well in the interim.

His comments touch on an important point, however. The trip to illegally cross the border is not an easy (or inexpensive) one.

Mrs. Sanchez spent this money, hoping that a criminal would not leave them for dead in a ditch, rape them, or steal the girl for a sex slave ring, and pocket the money.

Coyotes are not necessarily reputable or trustworthy, and there are a number of stories where they delivered their ‘clients’ to de facto slavery or worse.

However, it’s also interesting to see how the mainstream media and the political left jumped on the picture and essentially wrote their own story about it.

Leftist ideologues quickly began suggesting that the child was screaming because she was separated from her mother, and Time Magazine even put the child on the cover of their magazine, along with a picture of President Trump looking down at her.

Indeed, various illegal immigrant ‘charity’ organizations and other groups managed to make a lot of money using the picture and the suggestion that it was a screaming child about to be hauled off separately.

As even the Honduran government admitted, this is simply not the case.