Boy Suspended

PUBLISHED: 4:00 PM 27 Apr 2018
UPDATED: 8:53 PM 27 Apr 2018

Father Furious After Son’s Photo Gets Suspension, Police Investigation

This man gained attention when as an ‘undecided voter,’ he wore a red sweater to the 2016 debates.

Ken Bone's son was removed from school for a picture tweeted by Ken Bone. Now, he angrily and anxiously awaits the result of a police investigation which will determine whether or not his son can return to school.

Ken Bone gained internet attention after asking a question during the second of the 2016 Presidential debates, which he did while wearing a red pullover sweater and saying that he was an ‘undecided voter.’ However, yesterday, Bone posted a picture of him and his son at a rifle range. But, that was enough to spark a new round of attention.

After a school administrator saw the picture, the police called to alert him that his son was “suspended from school” at the behest of the school administrator, leaving the father both perplexed and furious. It certainly sounds like his son’s return to school is entirely based upon the outcome of the investigation at this point, a public shaming that is outrageous after this private act! When will gun owners across the nation say “enough!?”

This case, which bears similarities to the case of Kyle Kashuv, who was questioned for posting a picture of him at a rifle range with his father and an instructor. In fact, the elder Bone posted the picture on his Twitter page, posting it to show solidarity with Kashuv, who was questioned by Broward County law enforcement and school personnel for posting a similar picture with his father.

The picture of Bone’s son (who has not been named) was not posted on the boy’s Twitter account…. according to his father, the junior Bone doesn’t even HAVE a Twitter account.

Above is the innocuous picture that the man posted. There is clearly no threat, no imagery suggestive of a threat, and nothing that would lead the casual observer to see any reason to harass the youth aiming the FN Herstal SCAR-L rifle downrange. It’s a father and son, at a gun range… posted by the father.

Furthermore, instead of simply questioning the youth in the picture, for some reason the school administrator for the St. Claire County Regional Office Safe School in Belleville, Illinois, simply suspended him, pending the outcome of the police investigation.

The administrator said that it was the caption of the original picture, tweeted in support of Kashuv who was harassed at his school for going to a rifle range, which led to the investigation and suspension.

The caption on the original photo said “the security officers should talk to my son,” and somehow the school administrator found that statement ‘threatening’.

This is not the first time that Bone’s son has been in trouble at school, however.

The reason that he goes to the ‘Safe School’ is because he accidentally took a pocket knife to school, zipped into a binder. Because of this, he was expelled from his old public school, and forced to attend a different school.

However, it’s strange that his son would be responsible for the things that his father posts on the internet. Even stranger, someone from the St. Claire County school district was watching what a parent at the school was posting on Twitter.

Why is it any of their business what a parent is doing with his son outside of school, so long as it is not directly illegal or harmful to the child?

Bone and his son were not breaking any of Illinois’ firearms laws, and they were enjoying their Second Amendment rights at the rifle range in a way that is highly recommended by most sporting groups. For a father and son, a day at the range, shooting a few paper targets (or maybe even ceramic or glass targets, depending on the range), is a great way to bond and an enjoyable way to spend a few hours.

Thus far, there has been no news concerning the outcome of the ‘investigation’ into the schoolchild’s conduct. However, it is beyond absurd that an investigation is even taking place.

It also seems almost as if the St. Claire County school district is targeting the youth because he (and his father) seemed to be expressing pro Second-Amendment opinions, and doing so while condemning a school district that has obviously overreacted to a picture of a youth with a rifle.

It is unclear how long the suspension will continue, or when his son will be able to go back to school after daring to enjoy his Second Amendment rights.

However, the incident gave Ken Bone time to reflect, and he suggested that others should be sure to be careful with the things that they post on the internet.

He pointed out that internet posts “stay around forever,” and that these days, it is important to be “really careful with your words.”

To many, though, it just looks like his son is being targeted because his father expressed the wrong opinions online. His father’s Twitter post is certainly not something that the son could be reasonably held responsible for, after all, and this entire investigation and suspension seem absurd. Hopefully, his son will be able to return to his school soon, and resume his education.