Farrakhan Racist

PUBLISHED: 9:51 PM 12 Jun 2018

Farrakhan Blasts Jewish Power In Racist Rant

The things he said about ‘Jewish Power’ are disgusting.

The more that he preaches, the more divided America becomes.

WARNING: This article contains some topics discussed which certain readers may find to be offensive. 

The leader of the Nation Of Islam, Minister Louis Farrakhan has sung songs about hating the white race, he has chastised Jews, and basically been a very racist person throughout his life.

The Daily Caller has reported on a tweet where the leader says that the Jews are responsible for offensive sex acts taking place with non-Jewish women, because (he claims) those who are not Jews are seen as animals by those who are. The liberal leader is full of misguided statements that cause nothing but more hatred among Americans.

Since the act of sodomy was a Jewish transgression first (according to teachings which Christians and “Calypso Louie” read) committed against other Jews, his whole foundation is corrupt and skewed. “It’s hard to tell a Jew that he’s wrong,” said Farrakhan, oblivious to history and how incorrect he is about the so-called “Jewish power.”

He is a hate-filled bigot making life much harder on all races.

He starts to speak about Hollywood’s sexual deviant, Harvey Weinstein, and paints him as if he is representative of all Jewish people. When this is done to Muslims, Farrakhan calls the speech racist.

It’s called the casting couch…you see, that’s Jewish power,” he said from the pulpit.

What about the countless non-Jews who do the same thing? It is clear that the minister’s aim is to divide, not teach morals.

Farrakhan says that the Talmud teaches that gentile women, “and black women, in particular, you can do anything you want because they’re [sic] partly animals.

Again, somehow the Islamic leader is blind to the fact that the Jewish King Solomon took a black wife and wrote about her beautifully in the Bible, and so did Moses.

That is, of course, because he does not wish to know such facts. He has it in his head that the white man is the devil and responsible for all of the ills of the world. He blames the white man for slavery  and ignores that it was the elite black men in Africa who were selling the slaves to whites, too.

Evil and good are the only two real division, and they are equally distributed throughout every race, culture, and creed.

Until Farrakhan recognizes his own evil and hate, he will not change.

And, until people like Louis Farrakhan stop blaming every white person for every ill, the issue of race relations will worsen.

Just like he wants it to.