Leftist Arrested

PUBLISHED: 9:31 PM 26 Oct 2018

Far-Left ‘Protestor’ Arrested For Trying To Buy Radioactive Material To Kill

The man is a leader in the Scott Walker protests and has a history of behavior against conservatives.

A far-leftist has been arrested for trying to buy radioactive material for a planned murder.

A Wisconsin man has been arrested for attempting to purchase a lethal dose of radioactive material on the Internet, for the purpose of murder.

The deranged leftist ran once against GOP candidate Paul Ryan, but some media reports have mistakenly labeled him a republican.

In reality, he was never endorsed by the GOP and has been a far-left leader with the Scott Walker protests.

Justin Tolomeo, the Special Agent in Charge of the Milwaukee Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, announced that Jeremy Ryan has been charged with ‘attempted possession of radioactive material with intent to cause death.’

Ryan allegedly attempted to buy the lethal material in March and again in October of 2018. He was brought into custody on Tuesday this week.

He had previously been nicknamed “Segway Boy” after riding one of the devices and taunting GOP lawmakers in 2011. He also faced multiple felony drug charges in 2016.

“The attempted possession of radioactive material with intent to cause death charge carries a maximum term of life in prison.”

Many people recognize that Ryan is just another in a long list of unhinged liberals who have tried to intimidate and harm republicans after Donald Trump won the office of President in 2016.

After rhetoric from democrat lawmakers like Maxine Waters, many have been emboldened to assault, and harass people wherever they can be found.

Despite the fact that a person has been arrested in relation to the fake pipe bombs sent to prominent democrats this week, it is rare to see a conservative involved in that sort of act.

The case is being prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Wisconsin’s Western District, and many people are hoping that he will be punished to the fullest extent of the law if convicted.