“Parent Nazi” SS

PUBLISHED: 6:42 PM 6 Dec 2018

Far Left ‘Anti-Hate’ Book Instructs Day Care Workers To Look For ‘Parent Nazis’

A group headed by former Stasi informant Annette Kahane has distributed a booklet to day care workers, instructing them to look for ‘parent Nazis’ by reporting girls with braided hair and athletic boys.

The “anti-hate” group Amadeu Antonio Foundation, headed by former Stasi informant, Annette Kahane, has apparently revived the secret police, making day care workers informants.

A new 60-page booklet, designed by the extreme leftist, “anti-hate” group Amadeu Antonio Foundation, has been distributed to day-care workers in Germany. It tells workers to look for girls with braided hair and athletic boys as indicators of “Nazi Parents.”

This is not a joke.

The group is headed by former Stasi informant, Annette Kahane, who was given a position in 2015, in charge of searching social media for “xenophobic posts.”

It’s like the secret police have returned to Germany… because people agree they have, and Kahane knows all about that, having been their rat.

Vice-Chairman of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU), Nadine Schön, said the booklet was outrageous, and the case studies and suggestions were “absurd.”

“If educators should become overseers and correctors of parental convictions, that [crosses a line],” Schön said.

Crosses a line seems rather tame for making day care workers informants to track down anyone who disagrees with the globalist plan of full migration, the destruction of all cultures, and zero borders.

Labelling the practice “parenting espionage,” she blasted the aspects of the booklet that identifies the way children dress, such as having braided hair, or how much physical activity they participate in as being potential signs their parents might be Nazis.

The Amadeu Antonio Foundation defended the outrageous trash, saying the case studies were based on real life incidents, such as a girl with braided hair having parents who were Nazis.

Many people ask, who gets to interpret the definition of Nazi?

The group admitted that since the release, they’ve been bombarded with complaints. Of course, people in Germany should be careful. Complaining about propaganda could lead to secret arrests… right?

The case studies are similar to research presented by Antifa groups in 2016, which claimed that “Volkisch families,” posed a threat to Germany.

These families are defined as anyone who embraces German culture and “young couples [who] buy farms and restore them together with their relatives and friends.”

The Amadeu Antonio Foundation has faced criticism for Kahane’s former Stasi ties and their methods, which are exactly like the old East German secret police.

“In 2016, the organization was protested by the anti-mass migration youth activist Identitarian Movement which put up Stasi-logo stickers on the foundation’s Berlin office along with another sticker saying, ‘enter the surveillance state.’”

Kahane and the foundation later threatened to take the Identitarians to court, so perhaps these people should be glad that the fascist left only has government funding at this point, and no power to make actual arrests?

The booklet has sparked a petition on Change.org to cut the funding the foundation receives from German taxpayers, with over 5,500 signatures.

Many people think that number should be much higher. Making day care workers the instruments of a coming police state is horrifying to anyone who actually values freedom.

The entire incident shows just how far Germany has reverted to the original fascist state they had under Hitler, and how the left in that country is rapidly bringing the Nazi revival back, only now the term and weapon they use is ‘multiculturalism.’