Leftist Comedian Heckled

PUBLISHED: 10:22 PM 29 Sep 2018
UPDATED: 6:13 PM 30 Sep 2018

Fans Leave Comedian’s Show Over Trump Attacks During Act

She found out that freedom of speech works both ways.

Her jokes did not amuse many of the people in the audience.

While different polls vary a bit, both sides of the aisle can agree that President Donald Trump has – roughly – about 50% of America who don’t think that he is doing such a bad job, as the San Diego Union reported last month. However, those people seemed to have been ignored by comedian Wanda Sykes, Fox News revealed, to her detriment.

In New Jersey, at least a dozen people got up and left a performance at the Count Basie Center for the Arts when Sykes started bashing the country’s leader. Her attempts at humor included saying that the population is aging faster under Mr. Trump’s leadership due to stress which he causes.

Some were kicked out, some departed and some argued, but many people think that her losing her audience because of her political hate is funnier than her jokes have even been.

The Asbury Park Press confirmed that, as the unhappy attendees left the show, they heckled the comedian for “being political.” One person shouted, “Do some comedy!,” while another yelled, “Too political!

From there, more people got up and began to argue among themselves in the lobby and with staff members.

Some of those who stayed did opine that the performance was good and that they felt that those who left, not only should have stayed, but should have expected such jokes.

You knew what you were gonna get. You should have known that it wasn’t going to be pro-Trump,” said Gabby Young from Brick.

Old Bridge resident Christine Delancey disagreed and proclaimed, “I paid for a comedy show, not for a political venue. First of all, you don’t bash our president. I am not a Trump supporter, but he is my president, and I would never bash my president.

Herein lies a nuance that is often overlooked by many who opposed to Mr. Trump, as some pundits see it. A lot of Americans hold the office of the presidency to be a position of honor and, regardless of who achieves the post, they respect the status.

While the staff members refused to comment on the matter, it does certainly show where the U.S is today politically, according to many comedy fans. People are divided, and in 2018, when many of them go out, they want to escape “Trump-Hillary-Russia-etc, etc.

For these people, the jokes that Sykes relied on were not what they or certain members of the crowd wanted.