Abortion Death Lawsuit

PUBLISHED: 4:09 PM 14 Sep 2018

Family Files Suit Against Abortion Clinic Following Woman’s Death

The woman was reportedly not made aware of the risks of a late-term abortion and was told to not seek emergency care if she experienced complications.

The family of a women who died from abortion-related complications is suing the clinic and hospital for not taking proactive measures to save her.

Pro-choice advocates continually push their agendas based on the outlandish consideration that abortion provides women carrying accidental pregnancies a ‘safe’ option to escape their current situation which is a developing human person. However, anyone with the slightest regard for human life would boldly argue that such a practice is outright murder to all slaughtered babies.

Yet while leftists continually promote pro-choice efforts to benefit women, they conveniently neglect to mention that in very unfortunate cases of abortion practices, would-be mothers are sometimes also victim to the horrendous act of playing God. In a recent tragedy, a woman lost her life to the procedure which is outrageously being deemed as a ‘natural’ death occurring with pregnancy.

Beginning in January 2017, Keisha Atkins, 23, of Albuquerque, New Mexico sought treatment from the local Southwestern Women’s Options clinic to obtain an abortion for an already six-month developed fetus.

However, days after Atkins underwent the abortion procedure, she began experiencing complications which demanded medical attention.

While tragedies can occur in any region, the way in which this particular abortion procedure was said to have been absolutely preventable.

According to reports, upon Atkins returning to the abortion clinic with her abnormalities to which the facility was said to have called for an ambulance for the young woman, she was reportedly sent to the University of New Mexico Hospital “where she died soon after.”

However, it was also reported that the clinic initially canceled the ambulance and that Atkins was instead “transported to UNM Medical Center by unknown means.” Yet if that is true pertaining to the canceled ambulance, then it very well could have proven to have been life-saving.

According to Atkins’ files, the clinic did not adequately prepare her for the procedure including informing her of the possible risks which include death when terminating pregnancies.

Even more horrendous, Atkins was reportedly told by the clinic to “not call 911 if she was experiencing complications and to call the clinic’s hotline instead,” a violation of the New Mexico Unfair Trade Practices Act.

Her family is filing a lawsuit for medical malpractice in the wrongful death which they were further appalled to learn was being ruled as ‘natural’ and not related to the abortion itself.

Elisa Martinez who is representing the family’s voice issued the following statement about Atkins’ death, saying:

“Whether your pro-life, pro-choice, whatever you are on this issue, everyone should be concerned about the reckless practices that led to the death of this healthy 23-year-old Albuquerque woman.”

She continued that “We believe there is a coverup of the actual cause of death which is a septic abortion. We have multiple UNM doctors at the hospital who treated Keisha [who] state that they were floored – shocked by this cause of death that was due to something other than the abortion.”

The hospital has yet to elaborate on the suit given that it is a “pending litigation.”

Yet the Southwestern Women’s Clinic is arguably controversial in itself considering that it is run by infamous abortionist Curtis Boyd who allegedly performed the procedure on Atkins.

Since her death, Boyd has outrageously been permitted to continue practicing abortion on other women, as Atkins’ death did not originally spark a formal investigation.

However, Boyd has been investigated in the past pertaining to violations at the facility including promoting an increasing number of late-term abortions in order to obtain fetal remains which were allegedly provided to the University of New Mexico.

Tara Shaver on behalf of Abortion Free New Mexico reportedly filed a complaint upon learning of Atkins’ death in March. Thankfully, the family is also taking measures to ensure that Boyd, the clinic, and the hospital are investigated.

The lawyer representing Atkins’ case, Michael Seibel, further claimed that “We also have reason to believe that these parties conspired with UNM’s Medical Investigator to conceal the cause of death from the abortion in order to protect each other’s interests and long-standing relationships.”

Given the current information, it appears that none of the parties whom Atkins entrusted her care with took her condition seriously.

Shaver indicated this when she claimed that additional investigations of Dr. Boyd should have been done years ago.

Yet sometimes it takes a tragic event to initiate such; and while unfortunate that in New Mexico it required a woman dying in order to raise awareness, the pending investigation and lawsuit could prove to be life-saving in countless ways.

While abortion is still murder regardless of who performs it, Boyd should arguably not be allowed to treat additional women. Hopefully, the story of Atkins’ death will at least raise awareness of the fact that abortion is undeniably dangerous.

This is important for both women considering abortion and doctors who should take any abortion-related complication seriously.

Yet most importantly, sharing Atkins’ story can be life-saving for the most vulnerable party in any pregnancy: the unborn child.

Aside from unfortunate situations, such as rape, where abortion is sometimes even justified by conservatives, the act of ending a pregnancy is perhaps one of the most selfish decisions a woman can make.

Yet hopefully women contemplating such as option will at least consider their own lives before opting to kill their babies.

In any case, hopefully, Keisha Atkins’ family will win the lawsuit in holding the neglecting parties responsible.

Boyd and the others involved in her procedure need to be held accountable legally. Yet they are sure to face even harsher judgment on a moral level for partaking in the despicable practice.