Snowden Mocks Journalist’s Claims

PUBLISHED: 12:19 AM 15 Feb 2018

Famed Whistleblower Replies To Journalist, Mocks Ongoing Security Problems In White House

The media wants to blame Trump for this taking so long.

Snowden find how Mr. Trump does things in relation to sensitive material as unusual.

Edward Snowden has done more to warn everyone about the overreach of government than virtually anyone in American history. What is a bit lesser known is the fact that he also is quite good at pointing out flaws in the system which may someday whip around to bite us in the back.

The famous National Security Agency whistleblower and friend of liberty “quipped” in a recent tweet that he was given government security clearance “faster than half of this White House,” Yahoo News confirms. While this is clearly a stab at how the U.S. often drops the ball in such instances, it also shows how very careful President Donald Trump is thankfully being.

Snowden does find it to be “highly unusual” for there to be so many people in Trump’s administration who still are “lacking permanent clearance,” but after Priebus, who can blame the White House for this?

Still, the fact that these people have access to “sensitive information” has been worrisome to some, including Edward Snowden who now resides in Russia after exposing the sins of the U.S. government.

All of this has come to the forefront ever since “Rob Porter was held up by accusations of domestic violence from both of his ex-wives.” While this is detestable, how this factors into how Porter would handle sensitive data is anyone’s guess, but the buzz is heard just the same.

Even though Porter said that the accusations were “unfounded,” he has quit his post at the White House, according to the Huffington Post.

The Washington Post tells us that “’dozens’ of White House staffers are still waiting for permanent security clearances,” and this is starting to gain a lot of attention. Since the president’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is one of them, the media is having a field day in light of Porter.

Still, doesn’t this action on Mr. Trump’s part shows us how dedicated he is when it comes to halting abuse? If he is willing to question even his own family (likely worrying about errors, not dishonesty) and if people are only getting a bit of information at a time, that may not be a bad thing at all.

In time, particularly in light of Porter and the attention that he has drawn to the topic, these clearances will happen. Snowden seems somehow unaware of this as he tweeted to Barton Gellman, a journalist, regarding the matter.

What is more important to note is that there are a lot of people who want to micromanage everything that President Donald Trump does and it is getting very tiresome. For Edward Snowden to speak awkwardly about the U.S. leader makes sense since the White House has not honored Snowden as the hero that he is, but what is everyone else’s excuse?

Mr. Trump should be free to allow clearances to those who he sees fit to have it to the degree that he sees fit to give it to them. To suggest anything else is to second guess the Commander in Chief for nothing, and while pretending to be prudent, it is hardly productive.

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