False Flag Proof

PUBLISHED: 6:39 PM 7 Jan 2021
UPDATED: 9:09 PM 7 Jan 2021

False Flag Confirmed? NPR Accidentally Posted Capitol ‘Breach’ At 9 AM Yesterday

The post was quickly deleted.

The patriots were peaceful. (Source: War Time Girl Twitter Screenshot)

Yesterday, insurrectionists dressed as Trump supporters were ushered into the Capitol Building, with the assistance of a number of ‘police officers’ as video shows.

The false flag was, many people argue, designed to paint the president in a bad light, and the mainstream media has been running that since the ‘breach’ occurred.

But, the video evidence cannot be denied.

Here’s an image of the NPR story that was posted and then deleted:



Here, we see Trump Supporters pulling away antifa rioters from the building:

Here is video of trump supporters protecting police, and pay close attention to the people in backwards MAGA hats:

The backwards hat was reported as a way to recognize fellow ‘comrades.’

So, it seems perfectly clear that this activity yesterday was a planned event… but don’t expect the media to report anything other than the propaganda they have been ordered to post.