Media Blames Trump For THEIR Fake News Problems

PUBLISHED: 12:23 AM 24 Jan 2018

Fake News Hater Arrested, Outlets Blame Trump For “Anger At The Media”

This is a seriously disturbed man and the president has nothing to do with that.

The FBI arrested the deeply disturbed man.

Brandon Griesemer, a 19-year-old Michigan man, has been arrested after making approximately 22 threatening phone calls to CNN. He called the organization “fake news,” and stated, “I’m coming to gun you all down.” Liberal media outlets are blaming president trump for the “anger at the media.”

According to an affidavit by Sean Callaghan, a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, a cell phone caller made multiple threatening calls using a cell phone registered to Brandon Griesemer’s father. On September 19, the male caller contacted the Islamic Center of Ann Arbor making derogatory comments. No arrest was made then because the caller made no specific threats.

On January 9, multiple calls were recorded at CNN of a man making threats and hanging up. The man allegedly stated, “ I’m coming for you CNN. I’m smarter than you. More powerful than you. I have more guns than you. More manpower. Your cast is about to get gunned down in a matter of hours.”

On January 10, the caller returned making disparaging statements about Jewish individuals. He then said, “I have a gun and I am coming to Georgia right now to go to the CNN headquarters… It’s going to be great, man…”

Griesemer’s father spoke with The Washington Post, saying that his son had made a mistake and didn’t mean any of it. He stated, “He didn’t know what he was saying, the seriousness of it. We’re not even gun owners or anything like that. We don’t have any, neither does he.”

The incident was made public after The 2017 “Fake News Awards” were announced on January 17. It was reported by that studies show a great media bias and unfair news coverage of the president.

CNN appeared on the list of “winners” four times. One award was given for the Anderson Cooper coverage of the FBI Director James Comey story, in which it was reported that Comey would testify that he never told the President-Elect Trump that he was not under investigation. It later was reported to be false, and that the CNN sources were obviously wrong.

It turns out that President Trump was told three times that he was not the subject of an investigation in the FBI’s Russia probe. It was important for the president to be vindicated in the media and in public perception.

“He repeatedly told me, ‘We need to get that fact out,'” Comey said. “I did not tell the president that the FBI and the Department of Justice had been reluctant to make public statements that we did not have an open case on President Trump for a number of reasons, most importantly because it would create a duty to correct, should that change.”

This example of false news reporting by CNN is important because it shows how the media can distort public opinion based on unverifiable and inaccurate sources of information. CNN is considered part of what President Trump calls the “corrupt and dishonest media coverage” that has plagued his campaign and the early achievements of his administration.

CNN also reported that the Trump campaign had early access to WikiLeaks. The dates of the email were misreported and made it appear that there was knowledge a week before it was posted online. It was pointed out by Fox that the story “dominated CNN’s coverage until it was discredited by the [Washington] Post.”

The CNN news outlet was forced to retract a report that claimed Anthony Scaramucci had ties to Russia. Several other false news reports show edited videos of the president that are designed to make the president appear foolish or rude. CNN was awarded a fake news award for the Japanese Koi feeding video. Newsweek was also called out for its video of the Polish First Lady not shaking Trump’s hand.

Reporters have a responsibility to not only seek the truth but also to concern themselves with intellectual honesty and fair commentary. The liberal bias in organizations such as CNN has reached an impasse with the free flow of information on the internet. Everyone has seen the CNN green screen videos from the Persian Gulf War in 1990. The world is now watching and waiting to find mistakes, to exploit them for professional gain. When it comes to the Fake News Awards, sometimes it is just more fun to troll the spin masters and garner more attention for yourself. That is just simple schoolyard smarts.