PUBLISHED: 7:50 PM 27 Nov 2017
UPDATED: 7:56 PM 27 Nov 2017

“Fake News” Continues Sycophant-Controlling Propaganda As 24 Scandals Deliberately Omitted

CNN CEO Jeff Zucker. CNN has repeatedly been called out by Donald Trump for being 'Fake News',with some even taking to calling them FNN, the 'Fake News Network'. It would seem that Trump is, at least partially, correct. CNN has ignored 24 stories of sexual misconduct committed by Democrats in the last month., while focusing on Trump and Moore.

Pictured is CNN CEO Jeff Zucker. CNN has repeatedly been called out by Donald Trump for being ‘Fake News,’ with some even calling them FNN, the ‘Fake News Network’. It would seem that Trump is, at least partially, correct. CNN has ignored 24 stories of sexual misconduct committed by Democrats in the last month., while focusing on Trump and Moore.

If you’ve turned on your television in the last month, you’ve likely seen coverage of claims against Senate candidate Roy Moore, concerning supposed sexually assaults young women who were under the current age of consent.  It’s been a daily story, with new revelations and interviews from people hardly related to the case seemingly every day.

Donald Trump began a feud with CNN during his campaign. But with CNN openly omitting important stories about the misconduct of politicians on the basis of their political alignment, was Trump right all along?

It seems as if the mainstream media, such as CNN, was brought into reporting on the sexual harassment and assault committed by Al Franken and John Conyers almost unwillingly, and their treatment of the claims has shown skepticism (skepticism which Roy Moore’s accusers never seemed to get, oddly).

They gleefully pounced on the Moore story but sought to do the best they could to ignore two stories about sitting Democrat politicians.  Perhaps this, more than any other reason, is why Trump was right in repeatedly calling CNN ‘fake news’, as they happily report on Republican misdeeds or allegations thereof, but willfully omit 24 scandals concerning sexual misconduct by Democrats in the last month.

The Conyers story, concerning multiple allegations of sexual assault and harassment against women employed in his own office, was broken by BuzzFeed, as was the information concerning how the office hid the settlement and how Capitol Hill was being protected by their procedure for reporting such wrongdoing.

The Franken story was broken by the victim, Mrs. Tweeden, who came clean about it on a radio show she operates and on the show’s website.  Surely, such large outlets as CNN have access to the same information as BuzzFeed and can look into claims about harassment from the longest-serving congressman still in office.

Ms. Diana DeGette, Congresswoman from Colorado, reported that she had been sexually assaulted by Representative Bob Filner of California.  Apparently, this wasn’t important enough to make it on CNN.

Yet it seems like their attention was focused firmly upon the Roy Moore allegations, to the point where they missed other stories that have occurred since the November 9, 2017 revelation by the Washington Post about the Roy More claims.  CNN, in that time, ignored many other scandals, most of which, coincidentally, involved allegations or actions against Democrats.

Some of the news concerns high-ranking members of the Democrat party.  For example, Bill Clinton, whose wife almost became the first female President, was given news about a week ago that there were four new allegations of sexual assault made against him, and that he would soon be facing four lawsuits concerning these allegations.

These allegations stem from the years immediately following the end of his presidency in January of 2001, and makes it all the more interesting that Hillary ran such a ‘feminist’ campaign.  CNN hasn’t felt the need to report on it.

David Alcon stalked a woman he met at a Halloween Party, sending her lewd and disturbing text messages for weeks, before being arrested in the act of stalking her. He is currently running as a Democrat for a seat in Congress representing New Mexico’s 2nd District.  CNN didn’t find the story worth mentioning.

On the 21st of November, The Huffington Post ran a story about Rep. Diana DeGette, a Democrat congresswoman from Colorado, accusing a former congressman of sexually assaulting her.  She claims that Rep. Bob Filner of California tried to pin her in an elevator and kiss her without her consent. She claims that, as a result, she “never got in an elevator with him again.”  MSNBC’s ‘Meet the Press Daily’ ran the story, and CNN ignored it.

On the 13th of November, the Washington Free Beacon reported on a strange story out of New Mexico.  David Alcon, a Democrat running for Congress in New Mexico’s second district, was arrested on a two-week-old warrant.  His crime?  Stalking a woman he had met during an October 28th Halloween party, after sending a series of pictures of his genitals and text messages claiming he loved her and was watching her.  Silence from CNN on the story, even though it has all the elements they have been suggesting Joe Barton’s story contains.

On the 20th of November, the Buffalo News ran a story about Lisa M. Cater of Buffalo, NY, and her claims against a Cuomo lieutenant, Sam Hoyt.  Cuomo has, of course, been making moves that suggest he may be running for president in 2020, but CNN has been mum on the topic of his refusal to investigate sexual harassment allegations against Sam Hoyt, one of his top aides.

Sam Hoyt, a chief aide for Governor Cuomo of New York has been accused by Lisa M. Cater of sexual misconduct, but Cuomo didn’t care to investigate the claims.  Now it sounds like Cuomo may be gearing up for a presidential run.  CNN ignored this story as well.

These are simply the cases that have national importance that CNN appears to not have found to be worth reporting on.  In total, there are twenty-four stories of sexual harassment in the Democratic party that have been in the news in the past month but ignored by CNN. That network has instead focused on Roy Moore.

It almost seems like, rather than look at the sexual harassment scandal in politics as a whole in the United States, CNN is happier to look at only a handful of incidents, even going so far as to ignore those incidents involving such well-known Democrat party members as Bill Clinton.  President Donald Trump regularly refers to CNN as ‘fake news.’  Perhaps rather than ‘fake news’, they’re simply party propaganda?